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    Chang‘an automobile GLOBAL R&D CENTER - HENN.

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    Lot O4 - Batignolles

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    Auerbach Center at Boston Landing - Elkus Manfredi Architects

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    Arc - Koichi Takada Architects

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    MahaNakhon - Buro Ole Scheeren


Five key examples of outstanding mixed use design

Nav Pal
30 Sep 2019

Architects’ skill and visionary designs bring stunning global projects to fruition

The Chang‘an automobile Global R&D Center lies at the heart of the new corporate site of the carmaker Chang’an. The new building is located at a central position on a landscape axis, which crosses the extensive factory premises from east to west in the central Chinese district of Yuzui. The building’s shape follows a traditional Chinese typology, with a plinth area and overhanging roof. The façade is divided into two horizontal layers which span the floors. 

Situated in central Paris in the 17th district, Lot O4 is part of a new neighbourhood built over a former rail yard and around a new park. The site itself stretches between the park and an artificial street, and comprises of 144 social housing units, a 15-classroom primary school and a regional level sports centre. The project stands as a moment of respite within its busy surroundings, extending the presence of the park to the city. This is achieved by stacking the three components of the brief, and splitting the towering volumes, creating a defined yet open corner; one that allows light to flood into the block. The result is an elevated quality of living spaces, basked in sunlight, with balconies wrapped around all sides

The 70,000-sf Auerbach Center at New Balance World Headquarters—named for legendary Celtics coach Red Auerbach—dramatically cantilevers toward a major commuter highway atop a mixed-use building that is elegantly massed as a skewed stack of three two-story elements. With 30-foot-tall windows that put the Celtics’ winning brand on outward display, the building allows the team to focus its energy inward toward the exclusive high-tech facility. Built-in flexibility allows the space to evolve with the latest sports medicine and training. Lighting, materials, and color considerations help simulate game-day experiences; the practice courts feature the team’s signature red oak parquet flooring.

Arc is a true mix of accommodation, containing 135 apartments, 86 boutique hotel rooms, 8 retail and F&B outlets. Included in the design is a retail precinct below an 8-storey high public through site link, reactivating the historic Skittle Lane. Inspired by the masonry component in the significant heritage buildings next door, and drawing from their characteristic arches, a duality is introduced to the façade and represented by the varied aesthetics of the podium and tower. Informed by the curvilinear nature of Sydney Harbour and the brickwork in neighbouring buildings, the materials and details have a level of intricacy and authenticity that relates strongly to Sydney’s past. 

MahaNakhon, which translates as “great metropolis”, has transformed Bangkok’s skyline and its striking silhouette stands as an emblem of the city’s rising status as a global city. The 77-storey complex embodies a radical manifestation of the potential of the skyscraper to invigorate its urban context. Characterized by its distinctive sculptural profile and the three-dimensional pixelated ribbon that coils around its full height of 314 meters, the building reveals its inner life and projects the image of human activity and inhabitation to the surrounding city and beyond.


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