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    Oxigeno - The Jerde Partnership / Cuestamoras Urbanismo

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    District Cultural Square - Architectural Services Department, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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    Hanna boutique Hotel - Persian Garden Studio

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    Joy City Hangzhou - Benoy Limited

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    Luka Living Rental Apartments and Shopping Centre - Mixed use (Residence + Retail)

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    Amorepacific Headquarters - David Chipperfield Architects Berlin


Six memorable mixed use global projects

Nav Pal
30 Sep 2019

The examples from around the world demonstrate how the architectural design can bring vitality to communities

Oxígeno delivers a new concept of a Human Playground that bridges retail, entertainment, sports, culture, education and gastronomy. More than just a shopping center or lifestyle center, Oxígeno is a dynamic extension of the local community. The unique form of Oxígeno was inspired by the many volcanoes surrounding the site. Additionally, the hovering clouds that sit on top of the mountains, the greenery, and the gently sloping hills of the surroundings were used as inspiration to create a project that reflects the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

The site of the District Cultural Square was once an isolated waterfront area adjacent the Tam Kung Temple. The scheme enhances the permeability and connectivity of the area under the urban design perspective. It is destined to be a popular venue for local events as well as a wide range of initiatives such as concerts, Chinese Opera, school events and carnivals. In doing so, the project revitalizes the harbourfront and surroundings, transforming into a vibrant harbourfront by introducing the public domain through Transfiguring Tradition.

Around 90-years ago, six buildings were constructed in the center of Tehran, creating its one and only symmetrical street. Hanna Project, which includes a hotel, restaurant, gallery, and multipurpose spaces, was designed in one of these buildings, with the intention of bringing life back to Lolagar Alley and Tehran’s city center. Part of the design intention was to reconnect the building to Lolagar Alley, the neighborhood and its residence. As such, new layers were added inviting users to move around and inside this historic building. With their simple forms and neutral colors, these new volumes accommodate some of the building’s new functions; garden, recessed courtyard, part of the restaurant, and gallery. 

Hangzhou Joy City is located in an area that used to be a cluster of factories in the history of Hangzhou. The total project area is about 460,000 square meters. To revitalize the former industrial cluster and create another landmark urban complex, the comprehensive development includes nearly 150,000 square meters of shopping center, nearly 40,000 square meters of commercial street, three grade A office buildings and one apartment tower.

The Luka Living is partly an adaptive re-use project of the existing shopping centre with a closely connected and newly developed high-quality residential build. The renovation of the existing building provides comfort shopping. The mixed use development consists of 200 full equipped rental apartments, which have one bedroom apartments, middle class two-three bedrooms apartments and also five bedrooms very luxury apartments. 

The new headquarters for Amorepacific, Korea’s largest beauty company, is located in the centre of Seoul at a site which has been occupied by the company since 1956. It is situated next to a former US military zone that is being transformed into the spacious Yongsan Park and a business district, which was part of a masterplan representing the largest high-rise development in Korea that substantially altered the urban fabric of the district. The building offers itself to the city by being elevated above its public entrance platform, creating a generous, public atrium entrance hall. 


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