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    Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool - gh3*

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    Guardian Art Center - Buro Ole Scheeren

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    Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - Populous

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    "La Tuilière" Football Center, 2016-2018, Lausanne, Switzerland - Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Mann Architectes EPFL FAS SIA

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    Photographer Rafael Gamo: Diablos Rojos Baseball Stadium by FGP Atelier + Taller ADG

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    The Club Stand - Bates Smart


Seven new and improved leisure hotspots worldwide

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30 Sep 2019

Racing, football, athletics and swimming all benefit from visionary work

The brief from the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) for the new Club Stand was to create a symbolic building which would celebrate the incredibly rich heritage of the club, exemplify the future and reimagine the race day experience. The exterior architectural expression is continued internally creating a cohesive design language. The spaces are orientated to maximise views towards the Straight and Winning Post respectively. The Club Stand has transformed a day at the races. The venue is now able to cater various functions – from private receptions to corporate events – offering an unrivalled experience and commercial opportunity for the VRC.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium heralds a new era for stadium design, delivering an unrivalled fan experience and significant community benefits – creating a world-class sports and entertainment destination for all. With a fully retractable pitch, the 62,062-seat stadium becomes a custom-designed home for NFL in the UK complete with bespoke locker rooms and media centre. Fan spaces across every level at the stadium deliver incomparable levels of quality and choice, while a new visitors centre drives year-round community engagement. 

The “La Tuilière” site is conceived as a large sports park, set in a natural clearing created by existing trees in the Petit-Flon river valley. The nine football pitches and athletics track – all aligned on a north-south axis – extend in a sequence on either side of a pedestrian walkway which structures the design and provides access to the facilities; the design takes account of the challenging constraints of the sloping site, with each pitch set at a different level. The building that emerges is abstract in design, upholding the overall design concept of a landscape park. Its contours are shaped by angular lines and covered with light, translucent materials and a concrete roof similar to the retaining walls of the nine football pitches.

The Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool is the first chemical-free public outdoor pool to be built in Canada. The project replaced an existing pool, and includes a seasonal pavilion and landscaped pool precinct for 400 swimmers. The challenge was to create a large-scale pool with high-quality water control while also achieving an environmentally healthy and natural filtration process. The design process began with developing a pool technology that cleanses the water through stone, gravel, sand, and botanic filtering processes. This inspired a materials-oriented concept for the change room facility to achieve a technically rigorous and aesthetically integrated design whose gabion basket stone walls visually evokes the idea of filtration.

Built on the doorstep of Beijing’s historic Forbidden City, the Guardian Art Center is a new hybrid cultural institution that embodies the city’s traditional urban fabric and thriving metropolitan energy. The world’s first ever custom-built auction house, it represents a new typology of a hybrid arts institution in the heart of Beijing. Offering museum quality galleries and state of the art conservation facilities, the building is also a community resource and integrated lifestyle concept with restaurants, a hotel, flexible event spaces, and public transport infrastructure.

Diablos Rojos Baseball Stadium is more than a building, it is an urban complex. The building is a park with a monumental lightweight roof structure resembling Diablos’ trident logo, which drastically contrasts the predictable roof geometry historically defining baseball stadiums. Indicative of the sky, the roof is sharp, translucent, luminous and dynamic. Composed of lightweight steel wrapped in PTFE textile, the roof is an iconic symbol. The roof structure was a remarkable feat of engineering requiring the largest crane in the world and precise alignment through BIM technology and laser scanning technology.

Cordis Dongqian Lake is located on the southeast bank of Dongqian Lake in Ningbo. The architecture integrates Ningbo's regional characteristics and melts into the nature with the layout of villages, creating a Southern Yangtze artistic conception with Ningbo's regional characteristics, which would provide a relaxed and comfortable holiday.

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