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    Jingrui Majestic Mansion

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    Jingrui Majestic Mansion

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    Jingrui Majestic Mansion


Luxury defined for residential developments

Nav Pal
24 Sep 2019

Mansion and townhouse benefit from historical influences

The Jingrui Majestic Mansion was originally designed for Jingrui Holdings - one of the top 40 real estate enterprises in China - and was completed in January 2019, covering 2,700 square meters. 

There are several highlights of the design such as being able to see the dynamic art installation. The sculpture, Rise and Fall, is about 27 meters long and 6 meters wide. The designers drew their inspiration from the river and integrated the rhythm, flow, shape and change of nature within the vibrant sculpture. They combined it with 820 OLED square lights to give the appearance of the rivers merging into the spectacular sea.

The Jjng’an townhomes express how essentialism redefines accepted notions of luxury within the traditional urban context of Shanghai, China. The residences were completed in August of 2018 and are designed with a minimal design approach for multi-generational families. Named after a two-thousand-year-old temple, Jing'an district is deeply rooted in culture and tradition and is the physical and symbolic center of the community. 

As the city continues to densify, this project provides families with an alternative to the commonly-seen condominium typology, challenging the conventional aesthetics of ornamentation. The development is comprised of 180 residential units, each a three-level townhome. Two types of residences, Townhome A (214 sq m) and Townhome B (180 sq m), are stacked on-top of one another and accessed either at ground level, or by a dedicated elevator from private underground parking.

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