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    John Anthony - Linehouse

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    John Anthony - Linehouse


Bars, restaurants, clubs and cafés: ancient rhyme and contemporary visions

Nav Pal
24 Sep 2019

Dim sum restaurant and tea house benefit from historical reflection

The Sky Tea House is located in a busy centre in Fuzhou, China, but it enjoys the quietness in the corner. The ancient rhyme of an ancient house can be felt everywhere, even when you are just standing at the door. Completed in January 2018, the project is a renovation on a 200m2 tea house in Fuzhou, China.

Design of the whole space focuses on the release and convergence of materials, lights and artistic conception. It perfectly illustrates the essence of internal serenity and external quietness without leaving any traces. It totally refreshes the vitality of the house, making the traditional history and the modern culture collide and integrate here and creating the unique romance of ancient lanes and paths.

John Anthony is a contemporary dim sum restaurant located in Hong Kong. The story behind the new initiative by Maximal Concepts is drawn from historical figure John Anthony, who was the first Chinese man to be naturalised as a British citizen in 1805.

The design for the restaurant used Anthony's journey for inspiration, exploring the fusion of architectural styles and materiality between East and West, as well as colonial architecture blurred with eastern detailing, to create a British tea hall turned Chinese canteen.

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