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    Australian Technology Park (ATP)

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    Medog Meteorological Center (MMC)

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    Yan’an Baota Mountain Tourist Service Center


Civic buildings: outstanding, glorious and functional

Nav Pal
23 Sep 2019

Communities benefit from these memorable, functional designs

Welcoming some 350,000 visitors to Parliament Hill, the entrance to the VWC is cut directly into the elevated landscape and opens up into a generous and welcoming “light filled” subterranean space; visitors descend through a choreographed procession of compressed and expansive spaces leading to a bright and spacious reception. A sense of grandeur is evoked through a modern interpretation of vaulted ceiling forms, ornamental details and filigree in keeping with the Gothic Revival attention to craft.

Previously a closed business park, The Australian Technology Park (ATP) was to open its doors and extend its facilities for the use of the community-at-large. Additional amenities were to include a mixed-use building to ground-level retail spaces, wellness and health facilities and a childcare and community centre in the heart of the site. As part of its community outreach endeavour, a key symbolic feature of the scheme is the redeveloped urban rooftop garden. The garden provides a green retreat for members of the Indigenous community as well as creating a connection to the neighbouring park on ground level. 

The Medog Meteorological Center (MMC) is located along the river bend area of Tibet. Within canyons, surrounded by mountain ranges and dense forests, the project site captures prominent view of the Namcha Barwa in the distance, while integrating with the well-preserved natural surroundings. Consisting of the administrative office and staff dormitory, the new meteorological center is conceived as an enclosed courtyard, serving as a hybrid building for the local meteorological bureau responding to occupants’ daily routine. The centralized organizational system accommodates different functional needs while ensuring spatial privacy.

The James-Simon-Galerie, a new entrance building between the Kupfergraben canal and the Neues Museum, marks the architectural conclusion of the Museum Island ensemble in Berlin after 180 years. It forms, together with the Archaeological Promenade, the centrepiece of the master plan developed in 1999, which has since served as the starting point for all further planning on the UNESCO World Heritage site Museum Island. As the new gateway to the Museum Island, the James-Simon-Galerie plays a significant role and is suitable for welcoming large numbers of visitors, housing all the facilities required by the contemporary museum-goer.

ARPAE project is the result of an international design competition for a new building complex that hosts house offices and laboratories. It covers an area of 5,000 square meters. The customer required a property to be allocated to its offices that would meet the highest standards of architectural and environmental quality, and was characterized by a maximum level of environmental sustainability. The new building surrounds a central courtyard, that’s the hub of the complex. The roof of the building, the so-called fifth facade, is the strongest design feature of the project. A series of chimneys give the building a strong architectural identity while satisfying the technological requirements of the brief. The chimneys are skylights that filter natural light, promote natural ventilation and reduce the need for mechanical cooling.

Figuring out the relation among Baota tower, mountains, rivers, urban interface and people, Yan’an Baota Mountain Tourist Service Center adopts landscaping treatment and local materials and techniques to enable buildings to mosaic between mountains and rivers. The undulating roof space with a large area of plants and squares becomes a part of the scenic area for tourists to stop, visit and communicate. Meanwhile, it provides the most ceremonial route and brings tourists better experience.

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