The spirit of Bauhaus lives on

Nav Pal
23 Sep 2019

Projects take inspiration from the unique approach of this modern art movement

Curiously located at the opposite end of a street that leads up to a baroque style house by Nicolau Nasoni, Chantre House embodies the revolutionary spirit of Bauhaus, representing the antithesis of baroque: a complete break with the past. With a concrete structure, Chantre has a strong geometric component. The entry point of the house is a circle – around which squares, triangles, straight lines, and acute, right and obtuse angles are articulated – as if it were a patella. The walls are mostly flat, unadorned and white, with the exception of the entrance cylinder, painted in Corbusier blue, which references Kandinsky. The facades have large windows with the purpose of favoring the natural lighting of the spaces, as well as enhancing the synergies between interior and exterior.

The Tian Yun development provides private small and mid-sized research and technological enterprises with office spaces at the fringe of big cities. These private firms are playing an essential role in helping to build a solid economy, as Chinese society came to realize after 30 years of a real estate backed economy. Module concept was applied to minimize structure and facade construction cost, in order to gain green planted balconies. Alteration of two curve boundaries lets more sunlight in. The architecture has an overall austere appearance while providing lyrical spatial experiences for individuals on work breaks.

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