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    1 Triton Square - Arup Architecture

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    Thailand Samui Butterfly Villa - GWP Architects

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    XiaoZhou Mountain Cliff Hotel - GWP Architects

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    Coral Bay Show Flat - GWP Architects

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    AC Nomad Modular Hotel - Danny Forster & Architecture

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    Wanxiang Innova City - SmithGroup


Building or Butterfly? Innovative designs of the future

Emilia Nuzzaci
16 Sep 2019

Animal themed designs are taking Thailand by storm

Due for completion in 2020, 1 Triton Square - Arup Architecture will be one of the most sustainable headquarters in the country. The building will become an exemplar piece of Total Architecture where the multidisciplinary team has challenged the status quo of conventional refurbishments to deliver an environmentally responsible, socially active building for its 4,000 users.  By incorporating sustainable innovations, the building will produce 44% less carbon in construction and operation than a best practice new build alternative.

The Thailand Samui Butterfly Villa - GWP Architects project is located on a sloping half-hill of Samui Island, Thailand. The design concept is inspired from the swing gesture of the local butterfly of Samui Island, extracted from its dynamic flying motion, generating the form of the building to fit all five villas within the site boundary perfectly. At the same time, the landscape is widened, bringing different special view to each building, and satisfy to make all rooms with seaview together with the 40 meter long infinity pool.

The XiaoZhou Mountain Cliff Hotel - GWP Architects  project is located in the Xiaozhou Mountain Tourism Scenic Area in Lishui, Zhe jiang Province. In the overlapping fields, nature is the only role, but hiding in the scattered terraced landscape seems to be the most elegant symbiosis of architecture. Following the fluent natural rhythm, scattered guest room space is arranged. 

Coral Bay Show Flat - GWP Architects is located in the middle of a curved beach in the northeast of Koh Samui, Thailand. The main architectural form of the project is "seabirds fly on spreading wings", which applies to all the design details. Using overhanging eaves to imitate the gesture of flying seagull, the most symbolic design concept is generated. The unique design elements make the project a special landscape and a high quality resort in Koh Samui.

The AC Nomad Modular Hotel - Danny Forster & Architecture by Marriott in New York City, will be the tallest modular hotel in the world when it opens in early 2020. The design leverages the advantages of modular construction, using cutting-edge proprietary technology to address potential drawbacks. The perfect marriage of modular construction and inventive architectural design, this Manhattan AC points the way to a future in which modular building is not simply the sum of its factory-made parts.

Wanxiang Innova City - SmithGroup is envisioned as the world’s most advanced Smart City, composed of an industrial engine, a research hub connector, and a landmark mixed-use urban center. The first construction of this bold vision begins the transformation of east Hangzhou into a global symbol for social, economic, and environmental prosperity while remaining anchored in its roots. The design harnesses the local climate to optimize energy use and human comfort. 

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