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    Chablé Los Cabos - Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

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    Farmacias del Ahorro HQ - MASS OPERATIONS

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    Hongkong Land Yorkshire Complex - PH Alpha Design Limited

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    Citystars - Galaxy of Life - Concept i

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    400 Westlake - Perkins+Will

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    Amazon HQ2 - Dallas - HKS


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Emilia Nuzzaci
16 Sep 2019

Future commercial projects: Redeveloped, Rejuvenated and Ready for Use

The Chablé Los Cabos - Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos project occupies a site enjoying sweeping views over the Gulf of California in Baja California Sur, among cacti, sinuous sand dunes and the sea. A series of layout studies helped to make clear that the architectural part should be based on a branching system, to achieve an uninterrupted visual connection with the Sea of Cortez, and to achieve more space between each module to generate privacy

Originally the client wanted the Farmacias del Ahorro HQ - MASS OPERATIONS to take the form of a tower. However, once Mass Operations analyzed the site and programme they realized a tall building in this location would result in a largely western facing façade; an error in Mexico’s northern desert climate. “An office building where employees rather take the stairs than elevators”, became the driving concept. Where a chain of circulation elements replace cramped and awkward elevator rides for vibrant and open discussion spaces.

Hongkong Land Yorkshire Complex - PH Alpha Design Limited is located in Chongqing, China. China is experiencing soaring urban expansion and extensive development at the cost of environment. The PHA team designed a concept which integrates natural ecology into commercial experience. The design reflects the concerns on environmental pollution and provides solutions for public health, builds a fresh community space.

In 2018 Concept i was commissioned for the renovation and expansion design of Citystars, Cairo. The 15 year old project was Egypt’s first mixed-use development with over 750,000 m2 and $US 1.5 billion investment. As Citystars - Galaxy of Life - Concept i repositions the line with global trends, it is the context, scale and fusion of new design and technology that makes the project genuinely innovative. The owners show a bold commitment to the people of Egypt with this inspiring social, cultural and leisure development.

400 Westlake - Perkins+Will is a redevelopment of the landmarked Firestone. When redeveloped, the Art Deco building will generate more energy than it consumes, process water and waste on-site, use non-toxic materials and be resilient to certain natural disasters. 400 Westlake is breaking sustainability; it will be the first project to use the ILFI’s Off Site Renewable Exception to create a hyper-sustainable building that includes: Net Positive Energy, Offsite Renewable Energy and Resilience and Energy Storage

Collaborating with their client, Hunt Consolidated Inc. HKS Architects developed this bespoke Amazon HQ2 - Dallas - HKS proposal located in downtown Dallas. The primary goals were to achieve connectivity to the larger community through onsite access to Multi-mode Transportation infrastructure – exemplifying Transit Oriented Design, (reducing parking by 50%), Urban Walkability, integrated Sustainable Strategies and public access to Green space and public event areas. 

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