• Gymshark - Oktra

    Gymshark - Oktra

  • KPMB Architects

    KPMB Architects

  • Investment Firm - Elkus Manfredi Architects

    Investment Firm - Elkus Manfredi Architects

  • Coca Cola - Space Matrix

    Coca Cola - Space Matrix

  • The Crown Estate, Headquarters - Edge architecture & design Ltd

    The Crown Estate, Headquarters - Edge architecture & design Ltd

  • ITV Campus - MCM

    ITV Campus - MCM

  • Valve Headquarters - Clive Wilkinson Architects and JPC Architects

    Valve Headquarters - Clive Wilkinson Architects and JPC Architects


Innovative Designs Promote Wellbeing in the Workplace

By prioritising the wellbeing of their employees, these companies show how their briefs can be fulfilled by clever architecture and designs.

by Emilia Nuzzaci 12 September 2019 2019

Oktra collaborated with Gymshark to design and build Gymshark - Oktra. Gymshark is one of the fastest growing companies of all time, so needed a building that would accommodate their rapid growth and attract future talent. Oktra took time to understand Gymshark’s culture, brand and DNA, in order to design a space that embodies their identity and beliefs, and inspires everyone to work at their best. The design of the space manages to achieve two contrasting effects: the lines and angles of the interior are designed to energise and be dramatic, and yet Gymshark find there is an incredible sense of calm and serenity inside.

KPMB Architects new office informs an identity and embodies the values of minimalism and openness, with a goal to foster an environment of collaboration and prioritize face-to-face interaction and creative productivity. The legacy of an open workspace inspired a democratic plan, to include a fully accessible perimeter and internal avenues which connect the neighbourhoods within the studio’s large floorplate.

The elegant space in a high-rise office tower is the new Boston headquarters of Investment Firm - Elkus Manfredi Architects. The residential feel is deliberate; designers created a modern and functional office with the workstations, conference rooms, private offices, and amenities you would expect to find at a workplace - all with the look and feel of a well-appointed urban home. Every detail of the office’s architecture and interior design also contributes to the residential character, and the result is an environment that boasts all the comforts of home, but one that clearly means business.

The Coca-Cola Company, moved from their former offices in Tuas into a more central location in Singapore with a great view of Keppel Bay. The Coca Cola - Space Matrix office caters to both their North American business along with their Asia Pacific Business Units. One of the directions given was when you enter their offices, you need to recognise they are Coca-Cola. At the same time, not to overwhelm the space with the obvious color choice, red, so a hand-drawn Coca-Cola mural was one of the aspects used to satisfy the client brief.

In 2017, The Crown Estate relocated its head office to its new St James’s Market development in the heart of the company’s central London portfolio, creating The Crown Estate, Headquarters - Edge architecture & design Ltd. There was a large focus on transforming the workplace and prioritising wellbeing, and so achieving the highest certifications for health, wellbeing and sustainability were important ambitions in the brief. Edge helped to create a new workplace for The Crown Estate which has future-proofed its business, not just by giving it the space to adapt to the way in which the business may evolve in the future, but by embedding agile working practices. 

ITV is both a television broadcaster and a global content producer making programmes for other broadcasters around the world.The challenging programme of designing the ITV Campus - MCM, has resulted in new accommodation that has been embraced by everyone who uses it. Not only has it succeeded in bringing people together and giving them the opportunity to work more efficiently and more creatively, but it has both retained and enhanced ITV’s personality.

Valve’s steady growth and recent expansion into VR (virtual reality) and hardware development prompted the popular video game developer to design the Valve Headquarters - Clive Wilkinson Architects and JPC Architects. Although creative and playful, Valve’s workforce is seasoned and sophisticated, and the company wanted the design and materials to reflect that. The flexible and interactive floor plan allows project teams to expand and contract as necessary around specific production needs. 

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