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    VIVI - Gordon Young Architects

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    Bootsy Bellows - Built Inc.

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    Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester - Lighting Design International

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    ZONI Restaurant and vodka bar - NIZIO DESIGN INTERNATIONAL

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    Bad Lab Beer Co - Studio Richard Lindvall

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    Kava & Chai (Dubai International Financial Center Branch) - 4SPACE Design

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    CR Land Foshan Yueli Mansion Sales Center - Matrix Design

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    Dongguan Timesgroup Tianjing Club - Matrix Design


Refreshing Designs Within the Food Industry

Emilia Nuzzaci
12 Sep 2019

These entries showcase how matching architecture to the environment around them, can seamlessly blend new restaurants into the community.

The VIVI - Gordon Young Architects restaurant is part of the revival of the Centre Point Development, it integrates into the fabric of London and occupies what was an empty unused space. The design is bold, fun, and approachable but also aims to be elegant with a timeless quality, and also respects its context; a Grade II listed elevated long linear space with full height glazing on either side. VIVI aims to promote great British designs and its modern food culture and act as a positive contribution to the social, cultural and economic character of the local area of St Giles.

Bootsy Bellows - Built Inc. is designed to have a desert modernist soul, bathed in luxury and wealth. High energy textures and highlights command the space - soft, upholstered undulating walls balance sharp, reflective crystal chandeliers; light bounces across the room from different mirrored bar faces.The entry-experience is emphasised by creating a highly textured hallway ramping up to the space, sheathed in our custom artist-commissioned wallpaper. From there, guests step down into the main space, where large palm trees line a central boulevard, shading the custom designed furniture and central seating.

Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester - Lighting Design International is a new ‘go to’ venue in the heart of Manchester. An area offering relaxed luxury in a sophisticated yet unassuming setting, with the aim of embracing the art of shared dining within the main restaurant to create individual seating areas that could then also work seamlessly together; Kikyu Bar, main dining area, semi-private dining & colonnade.

ZONI Restaurant and vodka bar - NIZIO DESIGN INTERNATIONAL is located in the former rectification plant on the premises of 19th-century Warsaw Vodka Factory. The revitalised area is being transformed into a multifunctional office, entertainment and residential complex. The innovativeness and uniqueness of ZONI design lies in materials used and solutions developed for the revitalized area and adapted for restaurant purposes. The ZONI interior invites guests to discover flavours of Polish and international cuisine, and experience sophisticated Polish design.

In 2017, a couple of beer enthusiasts set up Bad Lab Beer Co - Studio Richard Lindvall, an independent brewery in the historic city of Somersworth. The aim was to steer away from the design references found in typical American brewpubs and create an accessible restaurant and tap room that puts sensorial discoveries and community at the heart of guest experience.

The Kava & Chai (Dubai International Financial Center Branch) - 4SPACE Design coffee shop has an exquisite interior which is unusual yet in complete balance. It has a striking concept and strong character that provides depth to the design. The teal structured pipes with leaf graphics are inspired by the coffee roaster machine, these pipes were designed using a parametric process which is based on algorithm; utilizing the latest techniques to setup the structural geometry of the project.

CR Land Foshan Yueli Mansion Sales Center - Matrix Design  is based on simple modernism. Under the premise of pursuing simple aesthetics, the design processing is both delicate and elegant, the use of simple materials and their texture emphasize the composition of concise spaces. A glass curtain wall presents the building with a transparent three-dimensional sense, and the indoor glass wall closure allows the interior, and the surrounding environment to be harmonious and unified.

Located in Foshan, China, is the club design project Dongguan Timesgroup Tianjing Club - Matrix Design. The design is kept simple in order to reduce the tedious parts of the space, keep the space simple, and to focus on the spatial atmosphere. There are many details in the space such as the texture of the material which make the space a new interpretation of the display of the environment through architecture.

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