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    One Molesworth Street - Henry J Lyons

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    PVH Campus by MVSA

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    Moxy DC by FILLAT+ Architecture - RON BLUNT

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    New Headquarters of Lidl Switzerland by Itten+Brechbühl AG

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    Urbo Business Centre by Nuno Capa | Arquiitectura e Design

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    Salesforce Tower - Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

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    Citizens Bank Corporate Campus - Elkus Manfredi Architects

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    Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square - Ennead Architects

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    Coda – Multiexperential Office Space - Portman Architects

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    Tian Yun Affordable Office - Praxis d’Architecture


Remarkable Architecture in the Commercial World

10 Sep 2019

These entries demonstrate how buildings for commercial use can be designed with flare, creating interesting spaces that promote great work.

One Molesworth Street - Henry J Lyons is a new mixed-use office and retail development located at the corner of Dawson Street and Molesworth Street in Dublin, Ireland. The form of the building has been carefully modulated to sit comfortably within the historic context while at the same time presenting a strong modern identity, and is finished with a range of natural, durable materials which include Portland stone, bronze, travertine and onyx.

The European Headquarters for Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger, was the start of something big – namely, a ‘campus’ development for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger’s parent company, PVH. With European HQ for Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger as the cornerstone of the PVH Campus - MVSA, two more key buildings on the waterfront completed an unusual three-in-one complex. Given their different focuses and functions, the approach stresses unity in diversity, with three overlapping water-related concepts.

Moxy DC - FILLAT+ Architecture is a new boutique hotel concept. A minimalist, micro-room style hotel which features a distinctly millennial attitude is poised to become the most iconic venue in town. The Moxy brand exemplifies energetic social spaces within a minimal, bare-essentials approach to guestrooms, maximising room count within the tight footprint. Designed as an homage to Mies Van Der Rohe, the architecture of the hotel is carefully proportioned and also incorporates the historic façades of three adjacent townhouses. These historic facades have been restored and rebuilt, and will once again enliven DC’s K Street corridor.

The New Headquarters of Lidl Switzerland - Itten+Brechbühl AG with it‘s modern office landscape, state-of-the-art design and sustainability level strengthens Lidl‘s image and employer brand. The design follows the overall leitmotif of transparency, where the façade provides protection as well as a view, creating the overall effect of a glass curtain. 

Urbo Business Centre - Nuno Capa | Arquiitectura e Design is a building for offices and services in Matosinhos, Portugal, with a detached implantation of rectangular geometry comprising eight floors. The building's architectonic solution is based on a flexible office spatial programme to host one or manifold occupants; on a constructive programme embracing the most recent and best sustainability practices during the design, construction phases and life span of the building.

Salesforce Tower - Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects is the tallest building in San Francisco, joining the Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Building as one of the skyline’s defining elements. The tower has the simple, timeless form of the obelisk, giving the 61-story tower a slender, tapering silhouette. On top of the transit center and linked directly to the tower is a public park, which will offer recreational, educational, and nature activities. Certified LEED Platinum, each floor of the tower has integrated metal sunshades, calibrated to maximize light and views while reducing solar gain, and high performance, low-emissivity glass also helps to reduce the building’s cooling load.

Citizens Bank needed more than a place to unite colleagues from disparate offices under one roof. They needed a complex that would deliver a superlative experience to those employees, one that fosters colleagues’ interactions within a balance of collaborative and quiet work spaces; and Citizens Bank Corporate Campus - Elkus Manfredi Architects achieves this. Each building is tailored to the needs of its specific workforce with spaces for quiet work, collaboration, and rejuvenation, complementing each other and the landscape.

Located in a bustling shopping square in Scottsdale, Arizona, this transparent, the Apple Scottsdale Fashion Square - Ennead Architects provides a welcome contrast to the surrounding two-story volumes. The form of the building reduces the existing overall scale while also introducing a unique threshold experience into the mall. Material consistency spanning between the interior and exterior of the design emphasizes the blurring of the boundary between the interior retail experience and exterior public outdoor spaces transcending the function of the space beyond its primary use.

Coda – Multiexperential Office Space - Portman Architects, a  Multi-Experiential office project located in Georgia Tech’s Technology Square represents an alignment of institutional goals with societal and business objectives. The complex, is designed to promote interaction between different audiences of people with different backgrounds and different expertise with the common goal of sparking innovation and discovering new approaches to real-world problem solving. Coda integrates the existing assets of Technology Square with new opportunities in interdisciplinary research, commercialization and sustainability.

Tian Yun Affordable Office - Praxis d’Architecture provides private, small and mid-sized research and technological enterprises with office spaces at the fringe of big cities. Rapid urbanization and stricter environmental control have resulted in large-scale manufacture relocating away from these major cities, and meanwhile new industries such as research and technology businesses are fulfilling these industrial sites. The premise of the design was an office complex that contains mainly single office units with a fraction for commercial facilities.

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