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    Dining in Nature restaurant - 9 studio design group

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    Chef's Table - dwp

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    Chef's Table - dwp

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    Mercedes me Chengdu - Stickman Tribe

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    PZA Restaurant - II BY IV DESIGN

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    PZA Restaurant - II BY IV DESIGN

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    TEXAS Live! - Jeffrey Beers International

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    TEXAS Live! - Jeffrey Beers International

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    Sibling Espresso Bar - Travis Walton Architecture


Channeling cultural roots through design

Emilia Nuzzaci
29 Aug 2019

Explore how design is integrating culture and successful dining experience.

TEXAS Live! - Jeffrey Beers International is a new destination in Arlington, TX offering visitors a plethora of dining and relaxing options to complement the nearby baseball and football stadiums and new hotel. Designers selected the warm-toned color palette specifically to soften the large architectural volume and create an especially inviting environment.

Dining in Nature restaurant is a project based on a deep designer-client understanding. In addition to the carefully selected materials, designers  put more emphasis on letting the customers savor the fresh-made delicacies once they are served. With hope to add an element in the room where the public area and private area are divided functionally, customers take their orders and return to the private area for dining. By doing so, two different behaviors, one is dynamic and the other is static, are separated to reduce the interference that the two bring to each other. 

A hole in the wall concept where Melbournian devotion to the perfect coffee drives a design response where customer connection to the barista and showcasing the brew defines the experience. The branding Sibling Espresso Bar - Travis Walton Architecture integrates via subtle plays of materiality and shadow as the subconscious is engaged through the spatial relationships between interior and streetscape. By putting the focus of the experience on connecting the consumer to the artisan barista, Sibling sets a high standard worthy of any international destination.

Chef's Table - dwp places the art of cooking at the very heart of the sumptuous dining experience in lebua, Bangkok, Thailand. The design overcame the challenge from client of an open-kitchen, fine-dining experience in Bangkok with a three michelin star chef from France where guests float in the night sky. The colour palette of taupe, cream and champagne bronze ensure the cuisine remains the star of the show. A perfect balance of contemporary design and luxurious dining experience.

“Honoring the past, studying the present and anticipating the future” – is logic that drove the design intent for Mercedes me Chengdu - Stickman Tribe; a unique dining experience. With its own in-house craft brewery and state of the art kitchen, Mercedesme Chengdu combines the best of the culinary and design worlds in one holistic space. With key locations like Beijing, Shanghai and Melbourne, the stores already have a strong consistent identity yet never fail to take local context into account. 

PZA Restaurant - II BY IV DESIGN is a one-of-a-kind authentic Italian restaurant, unique to the rising progressive culinary scene north of Toronto. Known for their welcoming hospitality and traditional Italian menu, the PZA brand is unapologetically proud of its heritage, celebrated in the food, art and design of the space. The passionate first-time restaurant owners wanted their wholehearted Italian personalities to be reflected in the design. The concept was inspired by using food and pop culture to retell the story of traditional Italian values. 

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