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    Capiz Lounge - Jeffrey Beers International

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    Capiz Lounge - Jeffrey Beers International

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    La Strega - LW

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    La Strega - LW

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    Koller + Koller am Waagplatz - BEHF Architects

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    Koller + Koller am Waagplatz - BEHF Architects

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    Mucho - Cadena Concept Design

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    SEQUOIA Restaurant - Jeffrey Beers International

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    SEQUOIA Restaurant - Jeffrey Beers International

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    Vondelgym - TANK


Invigorating and ingenious hospitality design

Emilia Nuzzaci
29 Aug 2019

Contemporary art,veined marble and metal works all key elements for these entries.

The core concept behind designing La Strega - LW  was to create a casual Italian pizzeria that would be appealing for the guests and local residents. The décor is kept classic, with a pairing of veined marble flooring and timber flooring, saddle leather in neutral and earthy hues, and adding the cut edge effect next to an otherwise plain concrete to add drama. LW has managed to bring the homely Italian ambience to the forefront of this project and created cozy and inviting interiors.

The ‘new’ SEQUOIA Restaurant - Jeffrey Beers International is an avant-garde space showcasing the client’s contemporary art, while remaining mindful that this gallery-like space must function as a restaurant. As you enter the restaurant, you’re drawn to the vibrant gemstone color palette of upholstered dining chairs. Another layer of artistry is added to the walls by artist David Higginbotham, who introduced hand-applied graphite across the dining room walls, bulkhead above the platform dining and other areas.

The design of Koller + Koller am Waagplatz - BEHF Architects is characterised by a variety of materials skilled craftsmanship from Lower Austria, incorporating metalworks and the use of high quality marble varieties and refined wooden components in traditional ways. With the theme of simplicity and robustness, seating, benches and chairs are made of high quality leather and wood in a restrained colour palette, and are designed to demonstrate their value over time.

Welcome to a place where traditional Mexican flavors are reconfigured and united with nature and gusto, in an authentic environment. Mucho - Cadena Concept Design is the base of a timeless experience, presenting a product that reconfigures the flavors and traditions of Mexican gastronomy while observing them from a fresh perspective. MUCHO® is a concept inspired by Mexican food establishments’ many formats: permanent and ephemeral that in coexistence, full of countless textures and materials that pay homage to Mexico’s ingenuity and inventiveness.

The renovation of the existing lobby bar to form Capiz Lounge - Jeffrey Beers International  was inspired by Boston’s rich nautical and shipping history, including the city’s iconic wharves such as Seaport Liberty Wharf. Reflecting on Boston's rich academic heritage, the hospitality space is also inspired by the city’s intellectual nature and many libraries.

Vondelgym’s newest location; Vondelgym - TANK is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s financial district. This Vondelgym further develops the brand; a blend of dynamic gym and social hub. The interior is shaped around the belief that large open spaces allow participants to ‘feel the energy of the other classes’, this space demands a creative demarcation between social and work-out area. Vondelgym presents a robust, growing brand that proves fitness is most meaningful when seen holistically.

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