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    Know but Obscure, Nanning Times Center Office - - DRAWING DESIGN CONSULTANT CO., LTD

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    Glowfish Offices - dwp

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    x+why, People's Mission Hall - Squire & Partners

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    The Ministry - Squire & Partners

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    Bridge+ | Ascendas - Space Matrix

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    Dongsi 5Lmeet - DAGA Architects


Adaptable designs give studios a new lease of life

Emilia Nuzzaci
28 Aug 2019

Designs for co-working spaces are being made more adaptable to suit an industry full of different business prospects.

Regarding aesthetics, De Stiji strives to update the new life and art. Taken inspiration from Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, the duplex is full of his maters and brilliance. Practicing the De Stiji, the Know but Obscure, Nanning Times Center Office - - DRAWING DESIGN CONSULTANT CO., LTD layout used geometry to express pure spirit; a diversified and flowing space was made by large glass windows and transparent bone.

The Glowfish Offices - dwp concept of ‘Work, Play, Grow’ sets a new standard for modern coworking space. Glowfish serviced offices, ready-to-use meeting rooms and event spaces that serve as high-performance spaces for local and international companies. dwp’s innovative office design is conceptualised to increase productivity, support business growth as well as customers’ lifestyle choices by creating a relaxed, creative interior with natural light, practical facilities, and a sustainable space.

x+why, People's Mission Hall - Squire & Partners in Whitechapel is the first coworking space by x+why, launched in 2019 with the aim of delivering a series of spaces which unite purpose-driven businesses. Squire & Partners and its sister branding agency, Mammal, developed a concept for x+why’s first workspace, creating an identity and design aesthetic true to its values. Inspiration was taken from the history of tanneries and local markets in Whitechapel, as well as its more recent reincarnation as a place for the arts with a unique mix of cultures and traditions.

The Ministry - Squire & Partners is the first social workspace and members club for creative industries by Ministry of Sound, housed in a former Victorian printworks in Southwark, London. The design sought to create the antithesis to a nightclub environment, with desirable, practical working floors alongside generous social spaces that are as suited to morning coffee and lunch meetings as evening networking and social events.The contrast of modern and Victorian styles creates a powerful and distinctive aesthetic that is true to the parent brand's heritage but also feels very contemporary.

Ascendas-Singbridge Group is Asia’s leading sustainable urban and business space solutions provider. Space Matrix was engaged in helping them design a new flexible workplace facility called Bridge+ | Ascendas - Space Matrix at Ascendas Plaza in Shanghai. The overall master planning of the office combined traits of an agile workplace with coworking requirements. The space has been designed so that all users will have the same experience no matter if they’re a small micro company or part of a larger organisation. 

Dongsi 5Lmeet - DAGA Architects is located in a narrow Hutong alleyway within Second Ring Road in Beijing. The project itself was an abandoned soy sauce factory surrounded by the old gray-tiled buildings.  5Lmeet is an innovative space in an old community. The design concept of the project is originated from enclosing culture of traditional Chinese courtyard, where the project space is very cramped and dark before renovation. 

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