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    Birks, Phillips Square

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    Birks, Phillips Square

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    Orient Yide City

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    Orient Yide City

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    Vanke Forest Park Sales Center by ENJOY DESIGN

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    Vanke Forest Park Sales Center by ENJOY DESIGN


The shopping experience redefined

Emilia Nuzzaci
28 Aug 2019

Meet the stores that are promoting unique shopping experiences.

Tasked with giving patrons a new shopping experience, the design for the Erewhon SM highlights and unifies primary communal areas, showcases the food and encourages guests to gather. Large skylights flood the interiors with light and sculpted soffits with suspended opaque glass to help fade one’s awareness of the building edge. A large indoor-outdoor trellis extends over the garden terrace imparting the dappled light effect of a tree canopy in an effort to create a landscaped communal space within the urban retail block. 

Opened on June 2018, Birks, Phillips Square, a new Maison Birks store concept offers a fresh take on the legacy brand while redefining the jewellery shopping experience. Ædifica’s design enhances original architectural details in the store built in 1894, and offers contemporary touches that include a lighter colour palette, modern fixtures, increased natural light, and an airier layout that allows for casual browsing.

The design of Yi Market was inspired by the concept of “The Hidden Forestry Underworld”. The designer composes light and shade through the intervals of the “Forest foliage”. Streets and lanes, plazas, stores and the giant escalator at the entrance of the market are all covered in shimmering, of the turbulent flare of Forestry. The earth tone color, the concise geographical spatial composition, the unpretentiousness is waking the urban habitants up from triviality to the ideal lifestyle-“Back to Nature”.

Orient Yide City is located at Sanlin in Pudong, Shanghai. One of the aims of this shopping mall is to provide a natural, environmentally-friendly and peaceful space for people who are looking for the true simplicity in urban life. The design inspiration is “The Nest in Woods, A Forestry Residence”. The “nest” spaces that are representing an infinite variety of lifestyle, will scatter among the shopping mall, merging with and enclosing around the stores, to generate a continuous experience with retailing function, and the infinite possibility of shared space is revealed.

F?STFISH is a fast fashion brand with more than 2,000 stores in China. Prism Design was in charge of rebranding this brand using the theme of scales.  Recognising that scales are vital for fish in protecting the body, gaining speed, and working as a sensor - the client felt the same could be said as a feature of fast fashion.

For Vanke Forest Park Sales Center by ENJOY DESIGN, the interior design has followed the natural architectural style, integrating interior space with natural environment. A modern and natural sales center was eventually created in Nov. 2018, covering an area of 866 square meters, looking like a wooden house growing and breathing in the forest.

The forest is an art museum without walls. The designer has drawn inspirations from the forest and interpreted the typical forest elements in an artistic way. In addition, forest experience is added to the space by largely employing wooden materials in interiors and decorations, which allows people to experience nature indoors.

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