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    To be Simplest, GT Land Plaza Office in Guangzhou

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World first: Edge Olympic awarded WELL v2 Platinum award

Emilia Nuzzaci
28 Aug 2019

Design for the world of corporate offices is developing to support wellbeing.

EDGE Technologies is a developer that focuses on incorporating sustainability, design and wellbeing into the built environment via a new generation of smart buildings.  For its 1,800m2 headquarters on the top floor of Edge Olympic, it prioritised on health and wellbeing and is the world's first project to be awarded WELL v2 Platinum. The free flowing space around two atriums is divided into three main atmospheres: Urban, Home and Tiny Villa.

While limited by the existing height and light To be Simplest, GT Land Plaza Office in Guangzhou uses a U-shape glass wall which was adapted to extend longitudinal vision and bring in more light.  The use of black and white as the key hues of the space keeps the interior feeling calm and the sequencing of turning doors broaden the vision of the meeting area and water bar.

For this 82,000-square-foot project in Beverly Hills, Paradigm Talent Agency challenged the design team to create a space which would foster collaboration, chance encounters and unity across three floors. The build-out consisted of advanced design elements and challenges, including several unique components such as a one-of-a-kind curved interconnecting staircase, screening room, second-floor signing room with curved glass walls, as well as multiple listening rooms and voice over booths.

KBank asked dwp to design a very high-end, by-invitation-only, banking experience. The function of the Kbank Private Banking Office in the Bhiraj Tower, Bangkok, Thailand, is to provide business network building, financial concierge services, investment information services via seminars offering domestic and global investment updates.  A warm opulent welcome has been created in the lift lobby with wooden slatted wall finishes and deep walnut trim. Statuesque French doors with bold brass door knobs open into a comfortable and luxurious customer lounge in hues of platinum and gold with taupe, browns and creams which offer a lush, rich accents.

Step into The Lobby; Tridel’s new corporate head office and design studio, and witness a space that inspires innovation, helps build dream homes, supports the community and stimulates workplace evolution. The 8,000 sq. ft.space was conceived to create a workplace environment that also serves as an event space and design studio as well as a corporate office, head office, showroom and educational facility. 

When a private equity real estate firm approached Rapt wanting to transform six distinct industrial buildings into the MDR Truss Campus, a cohesive multi-tenant campus, Rapt decided to combine the two lots they were on and make them feel whole. Prioritizing the indoor-outdoor connection, Rapt established ground-level and second-story outdoor spaces. Solid walls were opened up with windows and skylights, and a continuous path now winds its way from one end of the campus to the other.

Jerde is an architecture and urban planning firm best known for high-profile international projects. Its new headquarters are in the heart of downtown Los Angeles in a historic landmark building. The lobby and its reception desk and plush lounge seating welcome visitors. Warm wood paneling provides a backdrop, and large plants frame views of the blue Los Angeles sky. A conference room encased in glass can be separated into two rooms by a partition.

With a growing presence in San Francisco, Norwest Venture Partners sought to establish an office in which to meet with entrepreneurs, host industry events, and offer special programs for the start-ups they support. A reception desk designed like a jackknife and can convert to a registration area during events, a living room with inlaid leather flooring and warm lighting and a marble serving block and extended wood tables all help to make this space inviting and inclusive. 

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