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    Van Gogh Museum Bookshop

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    Van Gogh Museum Bookshop

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    Sleep Gallery Tokyo

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    Sleep Gallery Tokyo

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    Salon de Kanbayashi & Mansaku

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    Salon de Kanbayashi & Mansaku


Shops and small chains focus on floating books, Van Gogh, sleep and Japanese craft

Emilia Nuzzaci
28 Aug 2019

Entries demonstrate how innovative designs can help portray some big ideas.

Those visiting Wuguan Books will find a relaxing space built to nourish the soul.  Entering the space, black shelves will mean that readers see books are floating in the air with boundaries and the faces of other readers are hidden in the dark. Under dotted spotlights, people can pick up and read the books and concentrate on reading without being disturbed. A long table can be found in the bookstore that offers ample lighting to visitors who prefer to spend more time reading their books in detail. 

The Van Gogh Museum Bookshop offers inspiration and authenticity from Vincent's letters and books about him and his contemporaries. The aim was to make Vincent's work accessible to the widest possible audience.  The store has become a bright space with lots of daylight, a subtle reference to Van Gogh's obsession with the bright French light. Van Gogh's work also serves as a stage for the product presentations. 

The concept of the new showroom Sleep Gallery Tokyo is exploration and education on the quality and the environment of sleep. A wide spectrum of books on the topic cover the walls of the showroom and an on-going exhibition of sleep arrangements are presented with a bed and various surrounding environments, styled according to different themes every season.  Original flooring and ceiling materials were up-cycled in abundance, preserving a sense of reminiscence and recollection of past memories in the design.

Salon de Kanbayashi & Mansaku are brands rooted in Kyoto for over 450 years.  The main objective was to create a refreshing and eye-catching new platform inside the open space of Heian-Shrine as part of 'Toni-Toni' Information and shopping centre for the traditional craft and aesthetics of Japanese-made products. The store gathers Japanese crafts such as hand-carved chopsticks, umbrellas and Uji Green tea. 

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