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    KWG Cohesion Co-working Space - GWP Architects

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    KWG Cohesion Co-working Space - GWP Architects

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    Grigio - via architecture limited

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    Kindred - Studioshaw

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    Wonderland - Shanghai Royals Garden Sales Exhibition Center

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    Wonderland - Shanghai Royals Garden Sales Exhibition Center


Harmonising designs in the workplace

Emilia Nuzzaci
12 Aug 2019

Creating a union between a workplace and its users is key in successful projects.

KWG Cohesion Co-working Space - GWP Architects located in Kingboard Square, Hongqiao, Shanghai is on the second floor of the shopping mall. Before undertaking this project, the GWP team did a year and a half of research on incubation shared space and visited more than 20 cities at home and abroad. The research fully analyzed the stages of incubation shared space from birth to evolution iteration.The main body is based on sub-rental workstation, but it hopes to create multi-overlapping functional space through ingenious design, while creating interesting shared space through creative design, so as to activate the users working here.

Yachts, vintage cars and ski slopes – the inspirations for this understated workplace for a private investment fund. A simple yet luxurious palette of materials defines the reception and main working area of Grigio - via architecture limited. Via architecture Limited’s focus is to make life and living better through architecture and design, for example, the main working area contains a hidden relaxation chamber with custom-designed couch fashioned in ribbed leather upholstery inspired by vintage American cars.

Kindred - Studioshaw is a unique and original concept which aims to address the contemporary needs of Londoners. London is home to entrepreneurs and freelance workers and a young and inventive community. Kindred offers something new for this demographic, somewhere to work, meet others and crucially to engage with like minded others over a shared evening meal. This unique building was a perfect home for this concept; as its had several histories, the design strategy was to expose and celebrate the structural frame and other original parts and clearly express the new interventions with contemporary detailing.

The narrative of Wonderland - Shanghai Royals Garden Sales Exhibition Center is the most profound. In the modern urban environment, the industrialized environment has been separated from the natural environment. With the design of the reception space of the Shanghai Junyu Mansion, IADC Design aims to regain the ideal space of cultural heritage and create a natural and spiritual living space with modern design features. IADC chief designer, Mr. Alessio Chengzhe Zhang was inspired by the masterpieces of Chinese landscape painters, applying the green, pink and white symbols of the pastoral forests to this quaint space.

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