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    Song Chinese Cuisine - Republican Metropolis Architecture. Photographer: Jack Qin

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    Hans' Bar & Grill - Goddard Littlefair

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    Hans' Bar & Grill - Goddard Littlefair

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    Rippling Club - Shenzhen Horizon Space

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    Rippling Club - Shenzhen Horizon Space

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    Atmosfire - 4SPACE Design


Design for a great atmosphere

Emilia Nuzzaci
12 Aug 2019

These entries showcase how creating an atmosphere through innovative design can enhance the experience of restaurant dining.

Rippling Club - Shenzhen Horizon Space was initiated by a team passionate about material and spiritual well-being. The word “rippling” causes us to think of those little waves when the wind blows, making the water ripple, and as Tao Te Ching says, rippling water competes with nothing, yet embraces everything; that’s the best way of life. With bionics in mind, Shenzhen Horizon Space make use of dripping water so there is no marked difference between the outer and interior space, or between planes and solids. The spatial-temporal aesthetics of oriental gardening is infused into the indoor space, and when people walk around, they will be delighted as they see different dimensions of space.


As visitors enter the Atmosfire - 4SPACE Design restaurant, they will be stunned by the spectacular sight of massive brick brazier spanning from the floor to high ceiling, taking center stage and serving as the focal point of the entire space. The ‘broken bricks’ effect on the ceiling and walls creates a shift between the sleek surfaces to an aged appearance to create an atmosphere of classic history in one of the world’s youngest cities; where residents and visitors crave a vision of heritage. The mezzanine floor also presents a pleasant surprise as the details of the upholstery, joinery and finishes are punctuated by perfect lighting to create light yet a calm dining atmosphere.


Nestled amongst the artisanal shops of the new Pavilion Road development, Hans' Bar & Grill - Goddard Littlefair offers comfortable, all-day dining for hotel guests, destination visitors and passing trade. Upon entry, the café-bar space has a clean, contemporary feel with a monochrome colourway, along with interesting, textured finishes. Cadogan family portraits line the exposed, yellow-stock brick wall and pays homage to the restaurant’s namesake. The main area has a contemporary classic feel, with traditional wood panelling to the walls, plus skirting and dado rail, as well as restored fireplaces, that link it in feel to the overall atmosphere of the hotel.


The owners of Song Chinese Cuisine - Republican Metropolis Architecture are very interested in the ancient Song Dynasty culture in China. With the belief that the ancient Oriental atmosphere was perfect for their restaurant, modern materials and design techniques are used to interpret this Chinese aesthetic. 100,800 pieces of stainless steel bricks and 399,860 pieces of colored feathers constitute the basic form of the Song Chinese Cuisine, the curving shape of the surface breaks the imagination of the Chinese restaurant and creates a unique spatial experience. The presentation of Song Chinese Cuisine hopes that users can enjoy the details of ancient culture while eating in it.

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