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    WE SHARE Micro-Nest - Tengyuan Design

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    WE SHARE Micro-Nest - Tengyuan Design

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    WE SHARE Micro-Nest - Tengyuan Design

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    WE SHARE Micro-Nest - Tengyuan Design


2019 WAN Awards: WE SHARE Micro-Nest - Tengyuan Design

Copy taken from entry 2019
08 Aug 2019

WE SHARE Micro-Nest - Tengyuan Design is an entry in the Civic category at the 2019 World Architecture News Awards.

The rest station for sanitation worker covers an area of about 81.5 square meters,with a building area of 7.87 square meters and a building height of 2.85 meters. The purpose of this design is to explore the possibility of interaction between social groups, and to make efficient use of public resources from the perspective of environmental protection and energy conservation.

Taking this as a starting point, designers put forward the idea of using time-sharing, with a cube as the parent body, two pieces of maintenance door panels can be opened to the inside and outside, providing a space for the sanitation workers and urban residents to develop in a time-division manner. When sanitation workers need to use the building, the building can provide a relatively closed and private space for rest. When sanitation workers are working, buildings can provide more social places for citizens as urban furniture. 

Reading House is located in the Citizen Square on the Hailun Street, which covers an area of 23.9 square meters, with a building area of 16.8 square meters. The building height is 4.3 meters. The entrance is bounded, the east side is the reading area with open space, and the large glass windows welcome the first sunshine in the morning. The west side is borrowing and reading area, as well as a meditation area, which is more private. Designers use the rotation of the square wooden frame to express the gravitational force of the interior space, while forming a smart exterior shape.

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2019 Entry
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