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    Tianjin Gemdale Collection Curtilage Sales Center - EH DESIGN GROUP

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    Zowie Evans Hairdressing - Cheah Saw Architecture

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    Zowie Evans Hairdressing - Cheah Saw Architecture

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    JHW Store - Atelier tao+c

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    Assemble by Réel - Kokaistudios

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    Assemble by Réel - Kokaistudios


WIN Awards spotlight: independent shops or small chains

Alison Carter
06 Aug 2019

Exciting worldwide retail design to be found throughout the independent shops or small chains category

The Tianjin Gemdale Collection Curtilage Sales Center located in Tianjin Binhai New Area, combines art and luxury, practicality and aesthetics to create a contemporary art gallery. The main colour of the lobby space is grey, offering a calm and peaceful visual experience. The skylight introduces natural light into the room, and the changes of light and shadow create a flowing space that inspires a rich feeling of art and nature. The darkwood grille over the reception desk speaks a simple language, bringing rationality and warmth to the space. The chandelier in front of the reception desk broke the rational structure and brightened the entire space. 

Condensed into a reduced footprint, the Zowie Evans Hairdressing salon project takes a holistic, sustainable approach to resource and energy use by enabling the occupation of a small space. Achieved within a modest budget, the approach is one of making design attainable.The project began with a detailed translation of the workflow of the client, a hairdresser with particular expertise in colour, into a tailored spatial layout.

Located on the third floor of a high-end shopping mall in Shanghai, Assemble by Réel is a men’s fashion and lifestyle concept store. Taking inspiration from the multifaceted lifestyles of Shanghai millennials, the store quite literally brings the outside in.  Taking shoppers on a style journey, landmarked by striking installations, the resulting layout guides visitors through distinct districts and trends. The interiors feature eye-catching installations based on recognizable architectural city motifs, each signalling a distinct fashion approach: classic, designer, urban, and contemporary.

JHW Store features a greyscale palette of two materials - the washed granolithic plaster juxtaposed with brushed stainless steel, form a unique monochrome space for this two-story menswear boutique. Washed granolithic plaster is also known as Shanghai plaster, which has been most commonly used as exterior façade finish for the art deco buildings in Shanghai back to the 1920s, a material which are granitic stones mix the cement to form a gentle and rough texture. Reusing this once-popular yet forgotten material, the architects sought to evoke memories of the most dynamic and creative era and city to convey a more "local" sense of the street. This was in response to the owners’ request to feature domestic fashion brands in this 400sqm space and to promote local young designers.

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