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    Masque Collection - II BY IV DESIGN

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    Masque Collection - II BY IV DESIGN

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    Coast “Kelly” Chair - Daniel Boddam Architecture & Interior Design

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Furniture: fencing and freedom inform designs for 2019 WIN Awards

Alison Carter
05 Aug 2019

Comfort and environment key concerns in furniture category for WIN Awards

The CB Collection comprises different beds and bars specifically designed for Can Bordoy, a small hotel located in the centre of Palma de Mallorca. The hotel project is a complete renovation of a manor house with a history of more than 500 years. The furniture was a key part of the project and the eclecticism of the house is reflected in the selection of furniture, with objects from very different ears and origins. The collection rethinks the typical hotel furniture and in order to avoid the usual elements of desk set mini-fridges, cupboards, and piped music on the walls, a unique piece was designed grouping all these functions but with a more playful character. 

Evoking memories of the landscape, Coast is inspired by travel, adventure and freedom. Designed to bring a sense of calm into your home, the “Kelly” Chair is an indoor sun-lounger that enables maximum airflow and comfort for a tropical environment. Proportioned to allow for two sitting styles, it is ideal for slouching. The chair has been designed using the minimum of structural elements, creating a chair that’s lightweight and strong. 

The source of inspiration for the Masque Collection is a modest piece of fencing equipment – the fencing mask. Unassuming in its nature, this essential part of the sport’s uniform displays qualities of strength, protection, a level of concealment and a somewhat mysterious play of light and shadow on the face of the wearer. Combining sophistication and comfort with classic materials and sculptural modern shapes, the concept was brought to life in a Collection comprised of four styles: a dining chair, barstool, a high back and low back lounge chair.

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