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    SuShanghai Community Art Museum - Zhanghaiao

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    Indoor Playground (Doubling as lecture hall) of Yueyang County No.3 Middle School by SUP Atelier

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    Indoor Playground (Doubling as lecture hall) of Yueyang County No.3 Middle School by SUP Atelier

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    Nabshi Gallery - ZAV Architects

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    Urbanest - Allen Jack + Cottier

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    Urbanest - Allen Jack + Cottier


Full colours on show: an intrinsic part of architectural vision

Alison Carter
26 Jul 2019

Full spectrum of vivid colours offer meaning to projects in this year’s WAN Awards Colour in Architecture category.

Cast-in-situ methods and prefabrications have been both applied in the construction of Indoor Playground/Lecture hall of Yueyang County No.3 Middle School to alleviate the impact on the campus. The neat work of red bricks, with characteristics of artisan craftsmanship, is designed integrally with industrial building parts, offsetting the monotony of an industrialized building with its sense of artistry and freedom. The color and pattern of the main building resembles the abstraction of Yueyang’s topography, as well as the distribution of its mountains and waters, providing the students with more fun and interaction through the power of design.

Launched by Liu Haisu Art Museum, the Public Art and Community Building Plan of Su Shanghai is dedicated to embedding art into Shanghai's streets and alleys, stimulating architectural vitality, improving communities and building a better life through the organic integration of space transformation and artistic creativity. The SuShanghai Community Art Museum  is the first project to be developed and is located at 1088 Lane of Yuyuan Road.  

The Nabshi Gallery located in the city of Tehran is an old house converted to a gallery and uses blue as the connecting agent for the various different spatial pockets, starting from the bomb shelter built within the building.  Blue is present on every surface to emphasis continuity as if vertical elements can be considered as floating objects.

Urbanest  Darling Square One+Two is a 1,300-bed student housing community made up of two towers, between the old warehouse district of Ultimo to the west and the new Darling Square precinct and Sydney Harbour to the east.  The eastern facades are inspired by the play of light on the harbour with subtly angled panels that shine and cast dynamic shadows as the sun tracks over the façade. The subtle reflections of sky and surroundings on the angled panels redouble the colour palette to create a shimmering effect reminiscent of light reflecting off water.

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