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    Tower of Bricks - Interval Architects

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    The You Art Centre, Changde, by Cultural Architecture

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    HeFei Fei River Central Smart Garden Library - GEEDESIGN

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    HeFei Fei River Central Smart Garden Library - GEEDESIGN

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    Chetian Visitor and Exhibition Center - West-line Studio

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    Chetian Visitor and Exhibition Center - West-line Studio


Civic focus on peach blossoms, urban lungs, history and art

Alison Carter
07 Apr 2019

These entries represent some of the enormous variety seen throughout the Civic category.

Inspired by the shimmering of the Yuan River, The You Art Centre, Changde is one of the many entries in the Civic category. The centre is located in the city featured in the famous Chinese fable Land of Peach Blossoms, and helps to 'rebrand' the old city identity for greater understanding through this new 'art portal'. The architectural concept uses "The Light of Changde" as the main theme for the design and creates a stage for the cultivation of art and spiritual lifestyle. 

Another entry in the Civic category is the HeFei Fei River Central Smart Garden Library from Geedesign.  Located in the living centre of the community and on the urban green axis, the library facilitates the daily life of residents through its center-clustered structure.  The private courtyard of the library and the surrounding urban greenbelt form a natural "green lung" of the project, providing plenty of public spaces for the residents. Starting from a cube, the design uses different construction techniques and, after reduction and overlay, finishes with a curved interface in the main body, subtly adapting to the surrounding environment. 

Located in Guizhou province, South-West China, Chetian Village is an important tourist attraction in the region and aims to protect and promote local minorities’ traditions and its unique stone houses - built with local materials from the village’s pit. The Chetian Visitor and Exhibition Center from West-line Studio main function is to illustrate the history and humanistic tradition, including functions like: visitors’ reception, gallery, areas for ceremonies, counseling, multimedia exhibition and offices.The Tower of Bricks from Interval Architects is a botanic art centre located in Hengshui Botanic Park. The site of the project was previously occupied by an abandoned and demolished Hoffman kiln, which the symbol of the place and its history. As the only building on the wetland, the brick kiln was highly recognisable from its chimney, however, the kiln was abandoned due to national policy where the burning of bricks made from clay was banned for environmental protection. With the new governmental plan to convert the wetland into a botanic park, Interval Architects decided that the memory of the demolished kiln should be honoured with the new architecture through connecting the past to the project.

This is just a snapshot of the many outstanding entries that have come for this year’s WIN Awards, to see them all please click here.

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