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    Photography by Marc Goodwin

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    Photography by Marc Goodwin

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    WuliEpoch Culture Center - Atelier Alter

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    WuliEpoch Culture Center - Atelier Alter

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    Photography by Marc Goodwin

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    Qujiang Creative Cultural Centre - The Oval Partnership


Culture for communities: architects in vital role

Alison Carter
07 Apr 2019

Four WIN award entries prove cultural development in China is flourishing

Fuzhou Strait Culture and Arts Centre Concert Hall from PES-Architects, one of the entries in the Cultural Venues category, is a 1,000 seat concert hall and just one of the three performance spaces featured in the complex. The acoustical shape of the hall optimizes all the reflecting surfaces to result in a 'rich reverberation and uncompromised musical clarity'. Two levels of curved and inclining walls surround the orchestra and its audience to create a large number of 'early lateral and enveloping reflections'.

The Opera Hall in the same building seats 1,600 and benefits from the extensive use of beautiful Chinese ceramics, which have been used in many ways throughout the building. The ceramics are strongly and symbolically linked to the overall concept of the design, based on the centre's location (by the Taiwan Strait), and are historically linked to the Maritime Silk Road trade route between China and the rest of the world.

The Qujiang Creative Cultural Centre from The Oval Partnership is a state-of-the-art multi-functional theatre that will host a diverse selection of cultural performances, concerts, educational events and exhibitions. It is where social interactions, community engagements, cultural inclusion, local creativity and the collective identity of people in Xi’an can be nurtured and celebrated. Sited in ancient imperial capital Xi’an, China’s eastern departure point for the Silk Road, the Cultural Centre will form part of an integrated master plan designed by the Oval Partnership.

WuliEpoch Culture Center from Atelier Alter is located in Shijingshan, the fringe of Beijing, near the sacred Western Hills, the Wuliepoch Life Experiment Center is a sales office for low rise residential developments at the foot of Western Hills. The project encompasses a 1500sq. m of sales center and a 400sq. m of community skating rink, in preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The non-divided spiral organization of interior space makes space permeable and penetrable. The gradually sloped floor echoes with the “inverted Western Hills,” expressed by the curved array of ceiling panels. The signature image of “autumn foliage in Western Hills” is depicted the field of glittering wooden coat aluminum panels.

This is just a snapshop of the many outstanding entries that have come for this year’s WIN Awards, to see them all please click here.  


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