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    Mucho - Cadena Concept Design

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    Mucho - Cadena Concept Design

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    Mucho - Cadena Concept Design


2019 WIN Awards: Mucho - Cadena Concept Design

Copy from 2019 entry
29 Aug 2019

Mucho - Cadena Concept Design is an entry in the Bars, restaurants, clubs and cafés at the 2019 World Interiors News Awards.

Welcome to a place where traditional Mexican flavors are reconfigured and united with nature and gusto, in an authentic environment.

Its hybrid language is the base of a timeless experience,
presenting a product that reconfigures the flavors and traditions
of Mexican gastronomy while observing them from a fresh perspective.

The contemporary “Mexicanity” is a tale with a profound
historical background, multicultural perspectives and global vision that conveys the encounters of what is written and tomorrow’s possibilities.

MUCHO® is a concept inspired by Mexican food establishments’ many formats: permanent and ephemeral that in coexistence, full of countless textures and materials that pay homage to Mexico’s ingenuity and inventiveness.

MUCHO® is a fresh look to the vibrant, contemporary, and stereotype-free Mexican culture.

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