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2019 WIN Awards: Museo Lavazza - Michael Grubb Studio

Copy taken from entry 2019
28 Jun 2019

Museo Lavazza - Michael Grubb Studio is an entry in the Cultural Venues category at the 2019 World Interiors News Awards.

Museo Lavazza– is a sensory journey through global coffee culture, explored through the 120 year story of the Lavazza family and their continued dedication across five generations.

Michael Grubb Studio provided lighting design, working with exhibition designers Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA) to create a series of highly immersive and emotive experiences.

The journey begins with a homely welcome into the 19th century roots of the Lavazza brand, followed by the fascinating production process, where visitors can smell, touch and taste the alchemy of coffee production ‘from bean to cup’, the rituals and traditions of coffee making, and the fabulous creative collaborations which make Lavazza culturally distinct. The dramatic crescendo of the Museo journey is a celebration of the Lavazza ‘Universe’- a seven metre-high, immersion installation which allows visitors to transcend into a dreamlike ‘cloud’ space – a fantasy world of Lavazza’s imagination and creativity which celebrates the sensory stimulation of coffee.

Museo Lavazza has five galleries, or ‘worlds’,each with its own style and theme; Casa Lavazza, La Fabbrica, La Piazza, L’Atelier and L’Universo.

Museo Lavazza resides within the company’s new headquarters in Turin,designed by Cino Zucchi Architects. Named Nuvola (meaning ‘cloud’ in Italian) Lavazza, the 30,000m2 complex has been designed to serve the employees, facilitate workflows and keep the Turin headquarters increasingly connected with the over 90 countries where the company operates.

Opening alongside is Condividere, a Michelin-starred restaurant offering a shared taste and coffee experience, designed by renowned Italian set designer, 3-time Oscar winner, artist and art director Dante Ferretti.


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