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    Startup Terrace

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    Startup Terrace

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    Startup Terrace

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    Startup Terrace

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    Startup Terrace

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    Startup Terrace

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    Startup Terrace


2019 WIN Awards: Startup Terrace

Copy taken from entry 2019
28 Jun 2019

Startup Terrace is an entry in the Cultural Venues category at the 2019 World Interiors News Awards.

The Startup Terrace, an innovation industrial park located in Linkou District of New Taipei, which was transformed from the athletes' village for the 2017 Taipei Universiade. It is expected to serve as a base for young tech dreamers to realize their business plans by holding the exhibition in order to expose their brand, since the Startup Terrace is close to both Taipei and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, it is an ideal venue for development into an innovation center in northern Taiwan. The Startup Terrace A3 is 496 square metres and finished at 25/10/2018.

Design office connects indoor spaces with the outdoors in Startup Terrace which together creates a very special space that evokes a positive, comfortable and open-minded atmosphere.

Startup teams are opting for spaces with the free-thinking attitude. A space doubles as an area for meetings or events.Creating a nature-friendly open sharing environment and focused on principles of openness and flexibility and interactive spaces are created and bolder, louder colors to encourage collaboration and synergy.

The foundation of innovation lies in the essence of design. We bring the space flexibility to the maximum and convey "free-thinking and the way people work”. Allowing people to redefine the meaning of "what the startup is in Taiwan”.


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