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    Yi Market - Arizon Dsign

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    Yi Market - Arizon Dsign

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    Yi Market - Arizon Dsign

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    Yi Market - Arizon Dsign


2019 WIN Awards: Yi Market - Arizon Design

Copy taken from entry 2019
26 Jun 2019

Yi Market - Arizon Design is an entry in the Chain stores, department stores, supermarkets, concessions and pop-ups category at the 2019 World Interiors News Awards.

The design is inspired by the concept of “The Hidden Forestry Underworld”. The designer composes light and shade through the intervals of the “Forest foliage”. About 12000 m² market space is feathered under the dazzling effect. Streets and lanes, plazas, stores and the giant escalator at the entrance of the market are all covered in shimmering, of the turbulent flare of Forestry. The earth tone color, the concise geographical spatial composition, the unpretentiousness, is waking the urban habitants up from triviality to the ideal lifestyle-“Back to Nature”.

Aligning with the 35-meter-height escalator, as if a magnificent scenery of rocks and crags. The halo of twilight penetrates the “rocks”, taking us traveling among the woods. The giant beams and columns grow freely in the towering space as if they are the ancient arbors. The intersected escalators and the transportation space formed by open structure of beams and columns become the stage for commercial activities. the sunshine is sprinkled sparsely from the ceiling grid, Relying on a humble earth-tone brick wall background, the sizzling gourmets are already waiting for the wandering pedestrians at the end of the flagstone pavement. taking a rest at the “Arbor Umbrage Station”, you will drop into a moment of solitary satisfaction, aside from the prosperous and dreaming hallucination land.


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