WIN Awards judging: what matters to Linda Morey-Burrows

Alison Carter
19 Jun 2019

Linda Morey-Burrows, Founder And Principal Director, MoreySmith shares her thoughts on interior design trends and examines what makes a good WIN Awards entry

Where is the biggest growth of innovation in interior design? For example, which locations/countries are embracing technological developments?

For me, London is the creative capital of the world. Art and design thrive thanks to its rich cultural heritage and diverse population. Europe leads the way with design innovation, tapping into endless inspiration, but I believe the US is at the centre of technological developments.

Why do you think the WIN Awards are so valued by interior designers?  

These truly global awards provide the opportunity to travel the world through design and the latest innovative thinking. It's a great chance to share and celebrate all that our industry can offer.

What would make an entry stand out?  

The effect on people first and how it will enhance their overall and day-to-day experience, is one of the most important aspects for me. How it functions, provides comfort, and a feel good factor is vital. Wellbeing and sustainability go hand-in-hand to help achieve this and should inform design at the highest-level.

How is interior design responding to the need for a more ecologically balanced/sustainable approach to projects?  

Sourcing materials and products locally wherever possible and considering the whole lifecycle beyond specification - recovering, regenerating and reusing in creative ways that enhance the overall design.


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