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    Torre Helea - Bulnes Arquitectos

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    Torre Helea - Bulnes Arquitectos

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    Torre Helea - Bulnes Arquitectos

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    Torre Helea - Bulnes Arquitectos


2019 WAN Awards: Torre Helea - Bulnes Arquitectos

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18 Jun 2019

Torre Helea - Bulnes Arquitectos is an entry in the Future Projects - Residential category at the 2019 World Architecture News Awards.

Torre Helea is a residential building located in Puebla City, the second fastest growing city in Mexico.

This project is the answer to the demanding and exigent sector of the local real estate market; therefore, the unique architectural features make the difference in comparison to other relevant projects in the region.

With a spectacular geometry, Torre Helea is erected in 33 levels in a stairway that will house 93 luxurious residencies in more than 41,000m2.

Each level has 3 rectangular apartments, disposed radially like a propeller, rotating 15° counterclockwise per level, going all the way up until 142.5 m.

This rotating distribution has two principal effects; first, the apartments are given 360° panoramic views of the city; second, every apartment is partially suspended in the air; the last one, makes Torre Helea one of a kind.

The structural challenge was solved through a high resistant concrete core and a steel structure in cantilever finished off with a stringer, this one being the most emblematic esthetical attribute of the project.

The sustainability issues of the building have also taken care of, like solutions to address water efficiency, energy saving options and reuse of materials during the construction process.

The World Architecture News Awards showcase the best international design in both current and future projects. Entries for the 2019 Awards are now open - for further information and to submit your entry please click here.


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