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    Salt - Form4 Architecture

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    Salt - Form4 Architecture

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    Salt - Form4 Architecture

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    Salt - Form4 Architecture

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    Salt - Form4 Architecture


2019 WIN Awards: Salt - Form4 Architecture

Jessica Evans
13 Jun 2019

Salt - Form4 Architecture is an entry in the Corporate offices category at the 2019 World Interiors News Awards.

A celebration of place, the design for the Salt project is inspired by the past, present, and future of the San Francisco Bay. In the past, the salt in the bay attracted animals and the area’s original inhabitants. Now it is one of two sea salt works in the United States. There are 8,000 acres along the bay devoted to salt evaporation ponds, and they are part of the National Wildlife Refuge providing habitat for more than 70 species of birds. The campus, the Salt project is in, sits on landfill originally part of the bay.

Inspiration for the renovation of this 30,000 square-foot, ground floor, amenities space completed in 2018 for a large Silicon Valley tech company is drawn from the water’s edge–the confluence of industry and nature. Intrigued by the history and characteristics of the sea salt works in the bay, including the bright colors from the salinity levels and micro-organisms in the ponds, the design creates a journey that highlights changes of the bay over the last 200 years.

In the reception area, the design, color, and textures are from both the pre-Gold Rush era and the present wetlands. The Fitness Center is inspired by the salt ponds coloring and original area maps. Taking a different approach, the large conference room and its exterior wall is an abstract representation of the bay throughout history, from its natural state through the industrial era.


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Key Facts

Form4 Architecture
2019 Entry
Corporate Offices
United States

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