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    Cloudscape - Form4 Architecture

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    Cloudscape - Form4 Architecture

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    Cloudscape - Form4 Architecture

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    Cloudscape - Form4 Architecture


2019 WAN Awards: Cloudscape - Form4 Architecture

Alison Carter
11 Jun 2019

Cloudscape - Form4 Architecture is an entry in the Future Project - Commercial category at the 2019 World Architecture News Awards.

Tall and slender, hi-rises offer the opportunity to soar, literally “in the clouds.” They give an urban skyline its character, and in a sense, they form a cultural symbol of a city. The design for this 120,773 square-meter building takes the abstracted form of cumulus clouds as its symbolic reference. A reference to the natural world, to the fog and mists that permeate the city of San Francisco and the cloud computing technology that is fueling unprecedented global change. The base is a study in humane scale. The long western street frontage is bisected by a forty-foot wide passage thru the building and is paired with an iconic lobby taking the form of a sixty-foot sphere emerging from the ground and making its way towards the sky. As if clouds start in the lobby and rise to the sky, the middle of this 47-story tower is interrupted by two shapes, the first is a sphere protruding, and a bit further up is the reverse, a sixty-foot diameter void, with an aspirational viewing deck.The building’s crown is expressed by a mysterious and tumultuous form, part technological wonder, part natural allusion. The top eight stories are a harmonic arrangement of thirty glass spheres, of varying diameters. Within this composition of soaring bubbles are vast sky gardens and public and private spaces. In Cloudscape you find a spot to dream bigger dreams, acquire perspective…. ready to make a creative mark in the sky.

The World Architecture News Awards showcase the best international design in both current and future projects. Entries for the 2019 Awards are now open - for further information and to submit your entry please click here.

Key Facts

Form4 Architecture
2019 Entry
Future Projects Commercial
United States

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