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    Zowie Evans Hairdressing - Cheah Saw Architecture

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    Zowie Evans Hairdressing - Cheah Saw Architecture

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    Zowie Evans Hairdressing - Cheah Saw Architecture


2019 WIN Awards: Zowie Evans Hairdressing - Cheah Saw Architecture

Alison Carter
10 Jun 2019

Zowie Evans Hairdressing - Cheah Saw Architecture is an entry in the Independent shops or small chains category at the 2019 World Interiors News Awards.

This intervention inserts a dense series of coinciding events into a compact space for a hairdressing salon.

Joinery in constant states of transformation allow changing spatial definitions determined by the activities within – stage for teaching; stations to work collaboratively or individually; gallery and demonstration venue.Condensed into a reduced footprint, this project takes a holistic, sustainable approach to resource and energy use by enabling the occupation of a small space. Achieved within a modest budget, the approach is one of making design attainable.The project began with a detailed translation of the workflow of the client, a hairdresser with particular expertise in colour, into a tailored spatial layout.

The resultant surfaces are intentionally monochromatic and almost immaterial, with a distilled, reductivist approach to finishes, acting as a backdrop for the finely-tuned creative outcomes.The experience of the space is defined by the serial plasticity of the fabric, a cascading series of joinery units.

The space is textured by light and shadow, solid and reflection.The project is almost entirely joinery, to achieve the tight budget and short construction timeframe. Joinery is hung from the ceiling, maximising storage without obstruction.

The ceiling joinery delineates the space, implying edges. It steps down to form a central focus, creating areas of compression and expansion, resolving in a cluster of pivoting workstations. These allow for spaces to be folded and unfolded.Elevating the program beyond functional spaces, the design creates opportunities for new interfaces and inhabitation, sculpting the experiences of staff and visitors.

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2019 Entry
Australia Melbourne

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