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    WuliEpoch Culture Center - Atelier Alter

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    WuliEpoch Culture Center - Atelier Alter

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    WuliEpoch Culture Center - Atelier Alter


2019 WIN Awards: WuliEpoch Culture Center - Atelier Alter

Alison Carter
10 Jun 2019

WuliEpoch Culture Center - Atelier Alter is an entry in the Cultural venues category at the 2019 World Interiors News Awards.

Sited in Shijingshan, the fringe of Beijing, near the scared Western Hills, the Wuliepoch Life Experiment Center is a sales office for low rise residential developments at the foot of Western Hills.

The project encompasses a 1500sq. m of sales center and a 400sq. m of community skating rink, as a way to respond to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The sales office includes model exhibition area, sample rooms, seating areas, bar and catering, a VIP lounge, staff offices, etc.As the geometry of the site is triangulated, the project responses by stacking layers of curve walls one on top of the other, in a crisscrossing way to create layers of courtyard or intermediate spaces leading to the building, some demarcations of space are horizontal walls suspended in the air.

The non-divided spiral organization of interior space makes space permeable and penetrable. The gradually sloped floor echoes with the “inverted Western Hills,” expressed by the curved array of ceiling panels. The signature image of “autumn foliage in Western Hills” is depicted the field of glittering wooden coat aluminum panels.

The array of ceiling panels change color from warm yellow to white, suggesting the transition from entrance to skating rink. The wall material of the space is consistent with the floor, and the transition between interior and exterior is smooth and subtle. Space flow from one area to the other, with the panorama of Western Hills as the backdrop for the public program.

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Key Facts

Atelier Alter
2019 Entry
Cultural Venues
China Beijing

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