Interface Headquarters - Perkins + Will

2019 WAN Awards: Interface Headquarters - Perkins + Will

Jessica Evans
31 May 2019

Interface Headquarters - Perkins + Will is an entry in the Adaptive Reuse category at the 2019 World Architecture News Awards.

Building on Interface’s leadership in sustainability, this design looks to nature for inspiration. A continuous graphic of a forest on the exterior glass complements Interface’s “Factory as a Forest,” a program that aims to redesign Interface facilities to match the performance of local ecosystems.

The project incorporates biophilic design principles and the concepts of “Cave,” “Forest,” and “Bluff.” The “Cave” is the refurbished parking garage, providing parking, bicycle storage and housing for the 15,000-gallon underground cistern that collects rain water harvested through its slatted roofing. The “Forest” comprises the three floors of existing structure, with each floor as a unique destination. The first floor, a centralized work cafe´ promotes “collision” opportunities, while the second floor (housing a library and restoration room) is a “quiet” floor dedicated to relaxation and inspiration. The third floor is home to the executive leadership and is perceived as a “family room.” The “Bluff” consists of the new penthouse and roof terrace where employees can enjoy a natural respite with city views.

Known to Interface employees as “Base Camp,” the new headquarters represents the modular flooring company’s “Factory as a Forest” philosophy. When companies take their cues from natural ecosystems, Interface believes, they can create holistically healthy, positive, and productive workplaces that benefit everyone in and around them. Thus, everything about the new headquarters—a dramatically renovated 1950s multi-tenant office building—was designed with this philosophy in mind.

Founded on the belief that design has the power to transform lives, Perkins+Will use design, technology and research to create places that improve how people work and live with sustainability being an essential factor in all their work. To find out more, click here.


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