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Aviation industry benefits from HNA and PriestmanGoode collaboration

Alison Carter
16 May 2019

Hainan Airlines' (HNA) new Dream Feather concept, taking inspiration from the Chinese culture, has introduced an enhanced passenger experience into the aviation industry.

The Garuda was chosen as the design's starting point as it references both the brand and the idea of flight.

The  flowing movement of a feather was abstracted to create simplified shapes that have been applied to every element of the cabin, as well as throughout the ground services.  

The distinct brand elements with tones of gold and red, emblematic of Chinese culture, are enmeshed in the design which now rolled out across the entire brand, giving passengers a holistic journey from home to destination.

PriestmanGoode worked across the entire aircraft to deliver a coherent cabin environment encompassing everything from entrance areas to aircraft seats, curtains, lavatories and beyond. The interiors include trim and finish development for all classes, as well as lighting scenarios.

Seat fabrics were specially created as one of the key elements to improve the passenger journey. Metallic yarns running throughout the fabric catch the light and sparkle under cabin lighting, adding a sense of quality and luxury to the interiors.

The importance of cabin lighting was taken into account and different lighting scenarios were created to allow crew to tailor the cabin environment to suit a particular time of day, and to create the right atmosphere to put passengers at ease. One of the lighting schemes gently takes passengers from a warm, golden tone at dinner, and gradually moves through shades of pinks and purples to deeper blues for night time.

The new Business Class seats have been enhanced by the addition of low-level ambient side lights to create a more welcoming interior atmosphere. The cabin features tones of luxurious gold, while soft items are represented by warm grey and taupe colours. An additional palette of light champagne colours is used for VIP products and services. Meanwhile, Premium Economy features a spectrum of cool grey tones and Economy Class is earmarked by the use of bold reds.

PriestmanGoode has translated the Dream Feather concept to ground services, providing distinctive and welcoming check in areas as well as wayfinding that visually link the airport experience to the cabin interiors. PriestmanGoode also designed the HNA passenger transfer buses, including a dedicated VIP and Business passenger bus.


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