2019 WIN Awards Entry: The Sky Tea House - DC DESIGN

Alison Carter
23 Apr 2019

The Sky Tea House - DC DESIGN is an entry in the Bars, Restaurants, Clubs and Cafes category at the 2019 World Interiors News Awards.

The Sky Tea House is located in a busy centre in Fuzhou, China, but it enjoys the quietness in the corner. The ancient rhyme of an ancient house can be felt everywhere even when you are just standing at the door. Completed in January 2018, the project is a renovation on a 200m2 tea house in Fuzhou, China.

The first and second floors of the previous house were independent to each other, which looked too separated and unconnected. So, the designers broke through the ground of the second floor, which enables guests to catch some but not all scenes on the upper floor, thus achieving the restrained beauty of traditional oriental buildings. What’s more, the roof was also rebuilt by decomposing and restructuring methods to show the appearance and charms of traditional houses in the south part of Yangtze River.

If you stand on the second floor and look down at the first floor, a totally different view can be seen. The busy passenger flow adds more vitality to the quietness. The tea cellars at the two sides integrate the differently functional upper and the lower spaces until reach the roof. Thanks to such an integrated design, the depth of the whole space is improved.

The owner of the house is fond of gathering rare stones and also a tea supplier. Several natural stones are put inside the house. With the wonderful appearance of these stones, together with the traditional landscaping techniques, and the changes among layers of light, shade and space, great aesthetic effects of calmness and conservation are created.

Design of the whole space focuses on the release and convergence of materials, lights and artistic conception. It perfectly illustrates the essence of internal serenity and external quietness without leaving any traces. It totally refreshes the vitality of the house, making the traditional history and the modern culture collide and integrate here and creating the unique romance of ancient lanes and paths.

The roof is the key point of our design. The house had simple pitched roof in the past. We rebuilt the roof after decomposing and restructuring this roof to make it embody both the appearance and charms of traditional houses in the south part of Yangtze River. The fire main in the center, which cannot be destroyed, inspired our thoughts and turned into a punch line out of a hard nut after us restructuring it into a beam. The whole wood structure goes through the space and improves the feeling of the whole house with strong sense of ceremony.

From the mind of the main designer, Lin Kaixin, this exciting project was co-designed by Chen Xiaodan.

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