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Good karma from chameleon lighting

Jez Abbott
01 Feb 2019

A lighting specialist has used moody illumination to create a chameleon-like office space in London's Mayfair.

The uber-flexible space includes boardroom, offices, meeting rooms and a hall of mirrors that transforms into a large open-plan events space.

Nulty worked with office fit-out specialist Modus and interior designer DaeWha Kang on the new London 860sqm headquarters of global mining and metal company Vedanta.

Lighting plays a key role in affecting the metamorphosis of the space. In the reception area, indirect and low-glare spotlights create pools of light on white marble flooring.

The eye is then drawn to a large sliding door, a light portal framing the perimeter of the monolithic door, which opens into a multipurpose space with the look and feel of a celestial otherworld.

A main focus is a hallway of mirrors leading to six working areas and the chairman’s office. A series of seven large (1250mm x 750mm) elliptical lights, referred to as ‘moons’, are recessed into a sweeping, three-dimensional Corian ceiling, emphasising the ethereal quality of the light.

Produced by Nulty Bespoke, the moons provide five dynamic white effects for day-to-day use, and a multitude of colour-changing effects when the space opens up as an events space.

Some 68 individually controllable pixels define its thermally formed dome-shaped, matt-acrylic diffuser. The perimeter of the fixture is surrounded by a ring of 18 small downlights.

At the end of the hallway, banquette seating with integral linear uplights illuminate the walls and window reveals. Throughout the floor are tiny uplights with internal faceted crystals for evening events.

Clever interplay between low and high-level lighting, creates a dynamic atmosphere throughout.

A larger version of the elliptical fixture in the chairman’s office is referred to as a ‘sun’, measuring 1800mm in diameter and surrounded by 30 individual spotlights.

All lighting functions are run by a bespoke DMX control system ensuring a smooth and quick transition.

Lighting requirements can be adjusted by scene selections as well as traditional dimming or separated into more specific functions via wireless tablets.

By designing the controls to mimic the elaborate flexible wall systems, the controls remain easy to use no matter which of the many spacial configurations are deployed.

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