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    Picture; Nguyen Tien Thanh

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    Picture; Nguyen Tien Thanh

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    Picture; Nguyen Tien Thanh

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    Picture; Nguyen Tien Thanh

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    Picture; Nguyen Tien Thanh

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    Picture; Nguyen Tien Thanh


Vietnamese designers key into waste and debris

Jez Abbott
08 Jan 2019

Architects in Vietnam have made use of waste materials, rock debris and scaffolding pipes to create a light and stylish community centre.

H&P Architects' creation is a beacon of excellence near a large polluted industrial park and the site of an emerging urban area with high construction density. The space including cafe is for community, cultural and artistic events for the people of Dong Van town, Ha Nam province. 

Design inspiration comes from the beauty of the national landscape of Kem Trong situated between Ha Nam and Ninh Binh provinces where illegal rock mining is gradually turning a once-famous location into ruins.

The concept was to make use of waste, reusing scaffolding steel pipes, collecting rock debris from Kem Trong, and discarded rocks from trade villages and construction sites. Designers took inspiration from the gap between two rocky mountains created by the Day River.

Named 'S Space' - S for Save the Stone & Scaffolding - the project helps raise awareness at the unplanned exploitation of natural resources in Vietnam today, which have wiped out many rocks of historical and cultural value. This has resulted in an imbalance between the natural ecosystem and human settlements.

“In this sense, the message S Space conveys is: architecture bears responsibility for the natural and social-cultural environment,” said practice's Doan Thanh Ha. “Mountains are stone walls zigzagging intermittently and connecting randomly to one another through doors and openings to enable users’ approach from various directions.”

The building is surrounded by trees to regulate the microclimate and blur outer-inner boundaries to bring people closer to nature. Suspended are lightweight roofs, mezzanine floors and bamboo sticks for roofing and flooring. On top of the transparent polycarbonate roofing is a sprinkler and mist sprayer to wash the roof and keep it cool on hot summer days.

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