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Stunning new quarry hotel opens

Jez Abbott
18 Jan 2019

Architects have completed a hotel that is semi submerged in a Chinese quarry.

After six years of design development the building, featuring 337 guestrooms and five-star resort, sits in an 88-metre deep, 280mx220m water filled disused quarry and is now open for bookings. Having completed a difficult task of stabilising cliff faces adjacent to the hotel wings in late 2015, the foundations and sub structure on the quarry floor level were completed in 2016.

The building concept retains its original ' ground scraper' character with only two of the building's levels above the ground and 16 levels, cascading down the rugged quarry cliff face . The two lowest levels are under water with one level utilised as guest rooms and public areas such as restaurants, facing underwater aquarium, thus creating another unique aspect of this hotel resort.

The hotel also features large conference/ballroom centre together with water based leisure facilities and swimming pools on the quarry bottom water level. Externally, there are extensively landscaped visitor facilities, such as a outdoor themed entertainment park and cantilevered glass floor overlook walkway.

The spectacular steel structure of the quest wings within the quarry has been commenced in February 2016. The internal fit out and the extensive landscape have been completed in October 2018. It started in 2013, when Quarry Associates (HK) and Shanghai-based Jade - Jochman Architecture Design Environment - signed a contract with developer Shimao.

The team carried out remaining design stages and coordination of the construction. While Martin Jochman was the original designer and oversaw the scheme the UK's Atkins, his design studio Jade + QA , has for past six years been completing the work.

Apart from minimising the impact of this building on the local environment by adopting low profile covered with grass roof, the hotel features a spectacular 'glass waterfall' structure to house the vertical circulation core with observation lifts. The mainly passive sustainable features will take advantage of the orientation, low profile, grass roof and the unique microclimate caused by the thermal properties of the quarry rock mass and the quarry lake, cooling the structure in the summer and heating in the winter. The project has won and been shortlisted for numerous awards.

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