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Carlsberg cracks open new HQ

Jez Abbott
08 Jan 2019

One of the world's biggest beer brands is toasting completion of a new central office.

The Carlsberg Group's new central office provides the framework for a modern, dynamic workplace, with a building that creates identity, knowledge sharing and innovation. However, the building, at the north-west corner of Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen, stands in harmony with its surroundings and has a strong aesthetic quality.

One of the three wings of the building, designed by CF Moller, forms a bridge over one of the quarter's main access routes, while the other two wings embrace Carl Jacobsen's historic garden and villa. The building's central space, the atrium, opens on to Carl Jacobsen's Garden overlooking Carlsberg Byen, where the long history of Carlsberg as a brewery business began.

The atrium penetrates all the floors of the building, and around the atrium on each floor, there is a communal area where the company's employees can meet. The atrium therefore gathers all the office sections, both vertically and horizontally, so departments become one single working community, reinforcing collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation.

The façade consists of large glass panels, that are rhythmically divided by vertical copper-covered slats, which echo the old copper brew kettles and at the same time references the fine copper detailing on many of the historic buildings in Carlsberg Byen.

The building adapts to its historical surroundings and the scale of the site by tapering down to the smaller surrounding houses and Carl Jacobsen's Villa. The result is a building that gently fits and stands in beautiful harmony with its surroundings.

The building is a sustainable construction with durable solutions, built in natural materials with a long lifespan. The façade slats, for example, are coated with recycled copper and the building is built according to Copenhagen Municipality's 2020 building class.

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