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Winner spotlight: First sunset in the Pacific

Jo Smit
28 Nov 2018

Existing multi-storey car parks are seldom the focus of much design attention, but Clavel Arquitectos Asociados has shown what can be achieved with its renovation of an obsolete two-storey car park in Madrid. The remarkable transformation at Parking Nunez de Balboa 52 has won the architect the Lighting Project Award in the World Interiors News Awards 2018.

The car park’s renovation was intended to achieve three goals: making use more attractive to drivers, reducing maintenance costs and minimising impact on the car park’s day-to-day operation. The architect chose to respond with lighting, a solution that it considered would stand the test of time, while showcasing the existing structure. It would also meet the brief for a low maintenance solution.

The resulting lighting scheme has shown the transformative power of design. The car park has benefitted from both an increase in users and a new interest from clients wanting to rent its space for events. As a result, total facility revenues have increased by 50%, compared to before the renovation.

The lighting project includes a tunnel of white light arches at the entrance. On the parking levels, walls are lit in orange and blue, the blue colouring extended to an epoxy coating on the floor, giving the car park its ocean-like appearance. The design is completed by the giant sunset. Backlit panels integrate more functional lighting for the parking level, allowing the remainder of the ceiling to be used for themed portraits and images.

This project is among those recognised in the WIN Awards 2018, which were celebrated in London this month. The awards showcase the very best global creativity and talent in interior design across categories covering interior products, practice, projects and branding concepts.

The full list of winners of the WIN Awards 2018 is here.

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