Whorl Console, photo credit Ouum Studio

Neal Aronowitz design shows inspiration and innovation

Neal Aronowitz Design’s ground-breaking console table has been recognised for its inspirational sculptural form and its innovative production with an award in the World Interiors News Awards 2018.

by Jo Smit 23 November 2018 2018

The Whorl Console picked up the Furniture Award in the prestigious WIN Awards, which were presented at a celebration dinner in London this week. The table has been made using an innovative material, called Concrete Canvas. The use of this patented concrete-impregnated fabric in furniture design is still very much in its exploratory stages. Because of the innovative nature of this project – a table of this type had never been manufactured or produced before – new casting and forming techniques had to be designed and developed to create this piece. To make the table, the wet and pliable material was wrapped around specially constructed forms and moulds.

In the Whorl series Neal Aronowitz explores the structural properties of this innovative material in a light, fluid and lyrical form. In doing so, the design challenges popular perceptions of concrete as a dense and heavy material. The table has a highly polished surface, which has been created using pigmented cement mortar, lightly skim-coated by hand in multiple layers.

The WIN Awards 2018 showcased the very best global creativity and talent in interior design across more than award 20 categories, covering interior products, practice, projects and branding concepts.

The full list of winners of the WIN Awards 2018 is here.


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