A tile for all seasons

Nick Myall
Thursday 20 Sep 2018

The inauguration of a scalable climate adaptation system for future cities has taken place in Copenhagen...

As cities across the globe are being forced to cope with an ever changing climate and the conditions that result this new product offers a convienient adaptation solution.

On a 50 m pavement stretch at Nørrebro in Copenhagen you can now walk on water. A pilot sidewalk for the innovative climate adaptation project The Climate Tile is now laid out in front of Café Heimdalsgade22, to the delight of guests and residents in the street. The project will be inaugurated September 27th by the City of Copenhagen’s Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs.

The Climate Tile pilot sidewalk not only contributes to the street’s climate adaptation, but it also adds further qualities in terms of trees and planting, spaces for stay and a more beautiful surface. The Climate Tile is designed by THIRD NATURE and developed in collaboration with IBF and ACO Nordic, as a new scalable climate adaptation solution aimed at densely populated cities. The pilot stretch is a huge milestone in The Climate Tile’s multiannual development process and will be celebrated by the project team together with the City of Copenhagen, Realdania, The Market Development Fund and other collaborators. Ninna Hedeager, Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs will officially open the sidewalk September 27th at 5pm in front of the café at Heimdalsgade22. 


The Climate Tile is a new scalable climate adaption system for future cities. It equips the sidewalk as we know it with a set of additional capabilities - abilities that not only treat water in a purely technical manner but celebrate water as a valuable resource. The Climate Tile reintroduces the natural water circuit in the existing cities by a simple process that manages the rainwater from the roof and sidewalks and ensures that the water runs to the right place e.g. to plant holes and water banks. It can catch and redirect 30% of the projected extra rainwater coming due to climate change, and thereby prevent overloads within the existing drainage infrastructure

“We are happy to be able to now demonstrate a scalable climate adaptation system. Beyond working 1% of the time when we have climate accelerated rain incidents, the solution furthermore creates value for the city the remaining 99%. We believe our streets are the bloodstreams of society where people meet and that the sidewalk is an underappreciated part of our infrastructure that holds great potential for future communities in our ever-growing cities,” says Flemming Rafn Thomsen, partner at THIRD NATURE.


The Climate Tile develops and couples traditionally separate functions. With the development of The Climate Tile, future sidewalks will collect and manage water, whilst contributing to the growth of an urban nature and improved microclimate. Thereby the tile generates added value for the citizens and raises the level of life quality and general health within the city. The project is seen largely as an inclusive solution in synergy with both roads, bike paths, signage, urban furniture, town squares, urban nature and more.

"The Climate Tile represents an exciting approach to climate adaptation and urban development, where the two things are merged into one scalable system. We look forward to following the Climate Tile, what role it can play in the City’s climate adaptation and how the citizens welcome it," says Jan Rasmussen, project manager at the Center for Climate Change Adaptation at the City of Copenhagen.

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