Cooking up a storm in New York State

Nick Myall
24 Aug 2018

This home has been designed to survive the worst conditions that mother nature can throw at it...

Designed by Jorge Fontan AIA, this unique concrete house is located in Far Rockaway, New York State, USA. The  area that was heavily affected by the Super Storm Sandy, which was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season . 

The original house was badly damaged and subsequently torn down. The new property was then developed as part of the ‘Built It Back Program’ in New York. The house has also been elevated as a flood zone design feature. 

The designer’s wanted to create a house that would be sustainable and survive the worst a future flood could put it through. As a result it has been built out of concrete for maximum durability. The concrete for the house was poured in situ and it was left exposed to the elements in a raw state. 

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Nick Myall

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