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Nick Myall
24 Aug 2018

Beneville Studios has collaborated on the creation of the new entrance, grand lobby and staircase for the World’s Most Famous Building

Empire State Realty Trust, Inc., has unveiled a completely reimagined Observatory entrance and grand lobby, now open to the public at the Empire State Building (ESB) on 34th Street.  A team of architects, artists, designers, and engineers—led in part by design consultants Beneville Studios, based in New York City—was also on hand for the opening. 

The project is a part of decade long Empire State ReBuilding project. It features a new, larger entrance with seamless flow solely for Observatory guests. The new entrance is the first of many beats within the overarching Guest journey that will be unveiled over the coming months. Through the process and in partnership with Thinc Design and IDEO, Beneville Studios helped to craft the narrative of the Guest’s journey, ensuring that the physical, visual, and experiential perceptions of the project always inspire and engage visitors. Working closely with ESRT Leadership, Thinc, IDEO, Squint/Opera, and the entire project team, Beneville Studios has preserved the spirit of the initial vision, augmented and elevated by the brilliant contributions of the project team.

Responding to the challenge of creating an iconic and functional gateway to a global landmark, Beneville Studios conceived of the grand model and ascending staircase to allow for an authentic moment where visitors can engage up close with the details of the iconic building from a perspective previously available only to helicopters. The grand model was realized through the masterful craftsmanship of Richard Tenguerian and his team.

“This project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Michael Beneville, Founder and CEO of Beneville Studios. “Under ESRT ownership’s visionary leadership, in partnership with these world-class teams, I believe we’ve created far more than an exhibit: in its attention to detail, materials, and workmanship, this is an extension of the building itself. I think we are creating a work that compliments the very soul of the Empire State Building.”

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