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Nick Myall
Friday 27 Jul 2018

An automated people mover has been proposed to link L.A.’s new football stadium with other transportation hubs in the area

The City of Inglewood in Southern California, USA has announced a plan to construct a 1.8-mile automated people mover (APM). The proposed Inglewood Transit Connector will provide residents and visitors with a world-class transit connection to-and-from the Metro Crenshaw/LAX Line directly to the LA’s major activity centres including Downtown Inglewood, The Forum, the Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park (LA Rams and LA Chargers), and the proposed Inglewood Basketball and Entertainment Center (Los Angeles Clippers). The new elevated transit service will provide a convenient, reliable and efficient transportation option for the public to enjoy when travelling to the City, and complete the first/last mile connection from the Regional Metro Rail system to the City’s major activity centres. Research and analysis of various alignment alternatives are currently underway.

A recently-unveiled scoping study called Envision Inglewood calls for establishing a “direct connection to rail” between downtown Inglewood and the city’s impressive slate of professional sports and performance venues. 

Renderings for the proposed plan depict busy street scenes overlooked by elevated train tracks on concrete piers. Projections for the line envision up to 2,578,120 potential boardings across the APM route per year, with slightly less than 40% of all boardings related to “event ridership.” According to the report, the link could cost $614.4 million to build and between $18.2 million and $19.5 million to operate each year. 

A timeline for the project’s completion has yet to be announced, while the new football stadium is scheduled to open for the 2019-2020 NFL season. 

Nick Myall

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