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Nick Myall
Monday 02 Jul 2018

The residential complex of Meygoon creates a peaceful refuge from the busy streets of Tehran

Designed by New Wave Architecture, Meygoon is well-situated in a delightful area on the northern side of Tehran in Iran. Tehran is one of most polluted metropolitan areas in Asia which contributes to high levels of stress for many of its inhabitants. As a result many people in Tehran seek temporary refuge from the busy bustling city centre in the calmer suburbs. For the designer the challenge was how to create a space which will help its residents restore their energy levels and peace of mind enabling them to get back to their daily activities in the city. 

Meygoon is in range of the highlands with rocks as the primary context of the ground and a very cold and dry climate. In respect of the mentioned environment and with the goal of maintaining the visual contact between the residence and its surroundings, the design was progressed with floor to ceiling windows. These wide windows embrace the beautiful views and track the passing of time from sunrise to the sunset.

The projects facades were designed and covered with rock crusts which take inspiration from stone and sharp edge rocks. This design feature generated channels that control the unpleasant west, cold wind. 

A void was designed to play the role of a central space and atrium for the building which floods the interior with light which creates a peaceful and lovely outlook for residents to walk around and enjoy. 

A green roof for multi-functional events is also a feature and a sports zone can be found underground with a gym, sauna, and pool.

Finally, there are magnificent terraces which look out to the mountains where the residents can sit and take in the spectacular views.

Nick Myall

News editor

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